Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tan Skin

     I am lucky my skin is tan. My hubby’s relatives and friends admire my skin color but they did not know I am trying to make my skin a little bit fair or whiter. To those who wanted to have a tan skin they go to a tanning salon. However, how much do you know about tanning like dha tanning? The website that I am reading right now is all about dha tanning. Every one who goes to tanning salon should know about this because we do not want our skin to be not good looking. No one wants there skin to look like a raisin or prune we like our skin to have that natural glow. That is why I recommend to friends to know first what they put on your skin before taking it. There is nothing wrong if you ask we have the right to do that anyway it is our body who is going to be tan not them. So ask and learn before plunging the world of having a good tan skin.

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