Friday, June 22, 2012

October is Opal

     Do you know that the birthstone of October is Opal? I do not know it until my nieces were talking about birthstones. Moreover, it is so happen that it is my sister in laws birthstone. I did some searching and I found this Pink Peruvian Opal Beads. They are so pretty I do like the colors and I wanted them to make a necklace, earrings and ring for my sister in law for her birthday. I like pastel colors that is why I immediately got attracted to opals. It does not have just one color but with different shades, that is where I get an idea to make her a nice jewelry. I like to do crafting and making things beautiful and this opal beads are awesome to start with a very good hobby.

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  1. That's nice chaining beads and a good hobby indeed! Have fun doing :)


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