Thursday, June 14, 2012


When I was in grade school I remember when a woman wearing all white with a white cap she is going to give us an injection. Some of my classmates will run home and never come back in the afternoon. I cannot remember if I run back, home but I do remember I get scared. When the school nurse visit every room it is the time for immunization and it happen every year. Now I noticed the nurse or those people who work in the hospitals or clinic they do not wear all white. Instead, they wear colorful top and pants, which for me is not very traumatic looking. My hubby’s niece graduated nursing last December and I happen to notice her uniform so I ask her where she bought it. She told me in my nursing uniforms website she found cheap but very good quality uniforms and she like the fitting too. I check on it and I agree it is beautiful it is worth a visit to those who are planning to buy a new uniform this colorful.

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