Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Need Help?

Does anyone notice the crimes that are common these days? For me it makes me feel we have to be very vigilant everywhere we go and what we do outside of our house. I like to watch crime TV shows and TV news and sometimes I cannot believe what is happening to some people and places. I am so grateful the place where I live is peaceful. However, one crime that always makes me think about is sexual harassment because sometimes this crime became she says or he says kind of thing. Therefore, I would like to say find the best san diego sexual harassment attorney by then anybody could have a peaceful mind in case there is something going that make your mind not at peace.

Engagement Ring

As everybody knew, I meet my husband online. After two years of chatting online, he decided to visit me in the Philippines. When we first meet (I could not forget it) it was too later I just picked him up at the airport so I am kind of tired and sleepy. However, when we were at the room he handed me this pink rose I was surprised. Then I realized an engagement ring is dangling on the stem I think I screamed that time I was excited lol! Yes, engagement rings makes a girl happy next year we are going to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary I asked hubby to give me again a wedding ring and an engagement ring I deserve it lol!

Nebraska Bankruptcy Laws

This weekend I had so much fun since two days in a row is partying with friends. This means a lot of chatting and a lot of food and laughter. When I am with friends, we talk about any kind of topic. Last Sunday, bankruptcy law came out in our discussions. We exchange about what we learn or know about bankruptcy laws. I found out that we have specific laws here in Michigan too. Just like a friend of mine about hers too the nebraska bankruptcy laws she said she had to read and reread it before her husband and her decided if they should apply for it. For me it is our right and if you need to do it, does it!

Things I Love

This year the weather is weird and so the plants. This plant has been in my flower garden for years. One time it blooms but then it stops for two or three years. So every time a sprout came out I take it out from the ground but it keep on sprouting so this year I let it grow then it flowers. When I saw the flowers I was very impressed. In one huge clump of flowers two colors came out from the plant a red and a purple.

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Go Visit

Not all people had an experience about immigration but I do. I meet my hubby online and since he live here in the US and I was in the Philippines he has to visit my more than once. When he decided to apply a visa for me to get in here in the US, we thought of abogados de inmigracion to do all the stuff for us. My experience told me to be careful in anything and everything to do. Processing the legal papers has to be precise and if you have lawyers to do that, it would be great. There is nothing so fulfilling after you get your visa so my advice is to find a lawyer who will help you out in this situation it is worth the time, money and effort.

Portable Grand Piano

Growing up we all have a dream in life and mine is to play piano or any musical instrument. My mother and brother could play a piano by just listening to the music not me. My mother told me that when she was also growing up she also likes to teach how to play the piano so what she did she visit her cousins who has a piano and there she practice piano in just a few minutes. My brother also, like that he goes to his friend’s house and plays a little that is how they learn how to play the piano. Therefore, when I was in college I tried to ask my mother to think of buying a yamaha ypg 235 because I find this musical instrument just right for me.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thrifted Flower

If you noticed flowers and fruit trees are expensive and I loved to plant flowers and fruit trees. What I did is to ask a friends if she is going to give some of their perennial flowers ^_^ So two years ago a friend of mine gave different kind of flowers to me this year it bloom like crazy. This flower I noticed where ever I planted it, it blooms like no problem. I even don't water this flower all the time and it makes me happy looking at my flowers bloom this year.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013


This month hubby and I attended two weddings. I noticed when we were at the reception hall this huge mirror and the good part the huge chandelier is reflected on the mirror which is very cool so I took a photo of it.

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Friday, July 12, 2013


     Do you see sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel? Well, yesterday hubby, I and some of his children and spouses were at our house. We cooked, ate, and chatted for hours. One issue that we talk is about finding a home in Michigan State or in another state. Some states property price is so expensive I told them I am always amuse by how expensive they are and some states do have a cheaper property price. My daughter in law who is a broker says that the housing price now is coming back and is getting high because the inventory is very low. I remember I was in college and in my economics class; we talk about law of supply and demand. What is going on now is definitely the same theory as the teachers have told us years ago. We were joking about relocating somehow I like to live in Kentucky because I have been there thrice and I like it there. My daughter in law told me to check louisville ky real estate and I did this morning. What I see is that they have a house worth less than what I am anticipating for and I am thrilled. I will tell hubby about this when he gets home today I know Louisville is his place of choice in case we like to relocate.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


I like bargain hunting. I usually find the things I like for my fashion sense by looking those stuff ( clearance sale) and wait for it to come by before I do my fashion look. The other day I went bargain hunting and find this red skirt and an Anne Klein shoes. For the two items it only cost me less than $15.00!! What a deal huh?

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