Monday, December 7, 2015

My 2nd Pocket Letter

So when I found out about Pocket Letters I do not have enough materials to begin with. But I do some stickers and some stuff from my journaling so I used them. It is kind of nice to look it up again and again how I started. Then I made my 2nd pockte letters that tells about what hubby and I did last summer. We were outside the whole summer, I even bought a tent for us to take a rest at the beach when the sun is is my picnic pocket letter.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Audio Jack

Hello bloggers how's everyone's weekdays? So far here in my neck of woods we are already cold. But I can't complain much because we don't have much snow yet, lol! We had one day of snow and that was last week before Thanksgiving. And because we don't have snow yet I could go shop around without hubby tagging alone. 
The other day I went to an electronic store because I want to buy something for hubby for Christmas. He is eyeing for a sound system and so off I go. But when I was inside the store I was overwhelmed by so many choices. Just by they audio jack types alone I can't figure out, lol!  So I realize what the heck I will tell him and let him pick what he wants that would solve my problem.