Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lacy Skirt

This outfit is 100% thrift-ed. I have feature this blouse on other post and it only cost $5.00 and the skirt which is lace is just a whooping $5.00! What  a good deal for a very beautiful outfit. One thing that I like to know is, if I I will cut the length of the skirt and make the length above the knee. Any suggestion is highly appreciated. ^_^

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It is comfortable

ChaiseLounges.com for a zero gravity chair is the one and only chair that I so like to put in our patio. My hubby called me today and he said that our patio is almost done. I asked him if he already have chairs ready he said he has to wait for me because I should be the one to select which chair I like and of course what color I like. I have set my eyes to Chaise Lounges and I do not have any chairs that I so like. I am not very picky but I am also into things that are comfortable and quality should be great. I do not care if it is a bit expensive as long as quality wise it is great and the design is also unique and beautiful. What about you friends it is memorable weekend are you ready for a good picnic?

Fostex Speakers

Today for the very first time I attended my maternal side family reunion. They had been doing these reunions for several years. There are seven siblings my maternal grandfather has and there is only one left and her age is 95 years old. I meet Aunts and Uncles, cousins my age and cousins that are very young many of them I do not know. The food is superb and everybody brought there specialty.
After eating it was time for our program each family has to prepare for there number. When my nephews are called they were excited to sing and my other nephew is the one playing the guitar. When they are about to sing the speaker did not have any sound. In time like this I so wish to have a better speaker like Fostex Speakers. I am planning next year we will have a better speaker so my nephew’s talent will be heard by all. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maxi Dress

Currently I am here in the Philippines vacationing. Going around the malls I found many Maxi dress and I'd tell you what it's very beautiful! The other day I was in the right time when the new stocks just came in. I bought three of course I can't wait to wear them. As far as I could remember per dress is only like P350.00 pesos around $8.00 ^_^

Friday, May 18, 2012

Manufactured Homes

Last week hubby and I visited his cousin who is sick for the longest time. He and my hubby are the same age and they were playmates growing up. I could not believe that he was sick for more than 20 years. When we get there are their home I am very impress of what I see. I see these beautiful manufactured homes in different size and shapes. The house of my hubby’s cousin is one level; it has three rooms and one and one half bathroom. I so love the layout of the house that I told hubby I love to have it crossing my fingers who knows few years from now hubby would decide we would get one of those homes.


With the same dress but different length of necklaces there is already a huge difference of the look. For me I prefer the long necklace my neck is visible and I it make the neckline longer. With the shoes, I prefer the open shoes but since the dress is a bit short it created a longer leg line (is this the right word hehe) With my experimentation I found out that I should not jump to what is fashion out there right away. Rather, I can accentuate outfit here  and there that fits my age and height. It does not mean that with my age and height I cannot wear colorful vibrant outfits it just depends on how and what to mix and match. Fashion is creativity so find your own fashion. By the way, only the shoes here is not thrift-ed. The jacket and dress both are below $15.00!! What you think?


Friday, May 4, 2012


     Next week I will be in the Philippines. Will stay there for a month and be with my nieces, nephew, and siblings enjoying the sun and the beach. I realize now why people purchase property close to water. Water has something to do with us people. There is something in the water that make us feel relax and peaceful. I grow up in a city but close to a sea and every weekend, my mother brings us to the beach and we swim until sunrise. When the sun gets hot then it is time for us to go home. That is the luxury we had growing up and it is free!
     Here in the US most especially in the East properties are hot! Like southport nc real estate listings has wonderful properties for you and me to take notice right away. Many say that this time is the right time to purchase a new house and if I will do it, it would be close to a body of water. Being close to a beach and enjoy the fresh air is very fulfilling and it eases the mind it makes life easy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Eye

                                                I was waiting for the right moment and fortunately I got one chance.
                                                                          Ain't this woodpecker so pretty?

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