Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ABC Wednesday

                                You have not wasted your time; you have helped to save the world. We are buffoons, but very desperate men at war with a vast conspiracy. G.K. Chesterton

                                                             Wondrous time in summer

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I cup

One more week and the kids will be out in school. I wanted to do my shopping done before my nieces and nephew visits me or else I will not be able to be done with my shopping. Today, hubby and I went to his Aunt and she happily told us that his son found a new job, which he likes very much. We were happy too that after he graduated his college education he landed to a new job. He is a very good kid and he deserves to have a good life and a good job. His mother told us before the company hired him they had many prerequisite especially about drugs. He took a drug screening using i cup and he told us he is amazes of how it detects if you are abusing drugs. For me a very cool idea people would not undergo any pricking just to know if a person is abusing drugs. For me I would recommend this to people who are in a way abusing drugs in there life and if they want to know if those drugs are still in there system this I cup they had to try.

Advent Wreath

          We are almost done with our first week of Advent. Do you have an Advent wreath at home? Here is my I like to show off. ^_^

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I do the printing

     I have been browsing in the internet for something to give to my friends. I have been to many sites but still it is very hard to figure out what to give to them. I thought of giving them a cookies or cakes sometimes I thought of giving them just a gift card. However, lately I have been thinking of making homemade gift as a token to my friends but I also thought of making it really pretty. A friend of mine told me to look at web print solutions for my labels. I need labels for my homemade stuff and I have been searching high and lo in the internet that could provide a great printing job. Thankfully, I found one and it helps to ask to friends because they seem to know a lot.

Rubber Grommets

     Does anybody feel the pulse of holiday season? Hubby and I went to the mall today at first we walk around the mall after one round I started to look each store for good deals. I am very thankful hubby has all the patience for me. Then as we had our last walk around the mall he told me we had to go to another store because he is been looking for a rubber grommets. He forgot that his brother called him as we were heading to the mall to look for rubber grommets and it is been four hours since he called. I am thankful that my husband knows all these things or else every repair or work in our shop we have to hire somebody. Because he know most of the work we save a lot of money.

Pink Flower

 A friend of mine gave these flower to me last year. These year it blooms so much that I thought of dividing this next year for more beauty in my garden. I forgot the name of these flower but it is very pretty in pink right?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving is almost here.

Are you ready for thanksgiving? I cannot wait to eat the stuff I like (of course in moderation) and yes to see family gather around the table and share each others story. This year hubby and I we are going to his son he invited us today and since there is only two of us in the house we choose to spend Thanksgiving with them, cool huh? What about you ladies are having a huge dinner or are you going to spend Thanksgiving to one of your family or relatives or friends this time. ^_^

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is he lonely?

I spotted this kid at the lake. He is with his father fishing. He is very eager to learn how to fish and very eager to catch one. I so wish that day he catches one or two fish he will never forgot that experience. ^_%^

My kind of pillow

     Are you a pillow person? I do! I have five pillows with me and hubby has only one he he. I do not know when I started to like many pillows because when I was young I remember I only have two. I like to have a pillow under my feet, my sides and above me plus right under my head. That makes it five right? Sometimes I chuckled hubby started to throw away my pillows on his side but sometimes I get grumpy when I found out my pillows are not with me hehe. This morning hubby told me about a body pillow deals a deal for just me. He showed me the photo and like it that is what I need anyway. Any  kind of pillow make me happy I think I would include it in my wish list.

A Piece of Heaven

                                                                       Our sunset today

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wall Fountains

     Are you and observant person? If so, do you notice wall fountains in places that you go? For me, I like to look at wall fountains because usually they are unique. Oftentimes, I ask myself how they come up with the design and the name. Last three weeks ago, hubby and I went to a casino up north here in Michigan. As we enter the place, I noticed right away the log wall fountain and it is beautiful! It is not a small one but huge and it does capture the attention of every patron who go there. If you like to see more wall fountains click here for logo wall fountains and see for sure what I am talking.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted

I went to the precinct to vote early in the morning and I was the number 215 voters who cast vote for this election. If you have not vote yet please do go to the precinct and cast your vote this is our right and we have to exercise it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Internet is back!

Wow these is the longest three days internet outage we had experienced. Hope everything will be back to normal but of course our prayers to those who are directly hit by storm Sandy. I am going to post later.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Drawing from the Well

                     God is the real source of wisdom and strength.
                                            Job: 12: 13

What if you could go each morning and draw wisdom and strength from a pure and bottomless well? No matter how depleted you might feel as you close your eyes at night, you would know that you would soon be refreshed and replenished. There really is a well just like that.

God invites you to come to him each day, to draw from his never-ending supply of wisdom and strength. His resources are endless, and he's promised never to deny you when you ask for his help. he's always there waiting, ready to give you what you need to take on another day with grace and confidence. 


Friday, October 26, 2012

Chinese Lantern

I do not know if these is considered a flower but it just look so pretty and colorful just right for a fall decoration. I planted this plant two years ago and now I could tell it has to be replanted in an area that could climb freely. Do you like the color?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beach House for Rent

     Winter is creeping fast and hubby and I are discussing last night if we are going to Florida this winter. It is not only for just days that we are thinking about but for at least a month of stay. Because of that, I told hubby that we should start looking beach houses for rent in the area we want to stay. I prefer to stay close or very close to the seawater. It should be a walking distance and I should see the sunrise and if any case there is a place that we can see the sunset that is an extreme bonus for us. I would tremendously happy if we can find this place in Florida and that I also hope the cost is with in our budget. I am crossing my fingers to our plans.

Chinese Lantern

       My Chinese lantern is thriving well this year that I am planning to replant them close to the old barn and somewhere in the fence line. It is very pretty to take a good photo shooting with this plant it is blasting with colors.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Disk defrag

     Happy weekend everyone! It has been a cold weekdays thankfully it we had days that are decent I spend a lot outside cleaning the garden before winter come. Hubby was at his office the whole day and did not even get out for lunchtime. I went to see him and found out they are working on something in the computer. I heard him say about Disk defrag. Know what I do not have any idea what is that until he describe it to be a bit but it need for my little brain to take there language. I pick bits and pieces of information and in my little understanding; we need to defrag sometime our computer to speed up. I think disk defrag is what I need to do with my computer I have to suggest this to my hubby.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I went to Goodwill today looking for cheapo flash drive because sometimes I see some of them there. Unfortunately I could not find one nor a wireless mouse. To make my trip worthy I look for something NICE and I did!

                                      1.  Fall animal print boots. Wohoo now I have something to where when cleaning up my garden or walking to the woods. It cost $4.00 brand NEW!

                                       2. A Dana Buchman trench coat it cost a lot to buy this at Kohls but I got it from GW for just $2.50!!

                                              3. An Esprit shirt which I am loving too cost just $1.50! 
What a good deal huh? I am a cheapo and could not buy things that is very expensive and wore it once time. Went home grinning and I told hubby I found something NICE!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Mums

                         They are so gorgeous! And they are all in full bloom at this time of the season.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


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                                                                          Orange you glad it's Friday

Friday, October 5, 2012


     I happen to find a website that has gibson melody maker. Hubby had one gibson guitar and he loves it. However, I have not seen him playing it but he loves buying guitars. I know how to play guitar but that was ten years ago though I have not forgotten some of the chords. Therefore, when hubby saw the gibson melody maker his eyes lit up I know he loves it I only wish I could afford it so I could give this guitar to him this Christmas.


     I just finished cooking my apple butter and it is my first time to do it. I have not put it in the jar I run out of jars. It was fun-doing things for the first time and in my cooking me always on a look out for new utensils that is useful in my cooking. I used sieves to separate the liquid from the solids and then I blend the solids so it would go through the sieves. A sieve is use in many ways it can be use in cooking, laboratories also use sieves and even farms used sieves. Of course, it differs on the size depending on what and how do you use it.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


 Three Mums that I planted last year came back and is blooming beautifully. This time I bought six mums in different colors and will plant it soon. One of those is this color isn't it pretty?

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It Made Me Smile

                           As I do my pose somebody just walk pass at my back, guess who my hubby!!

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Monday, October 1, 2012


                                                       I am joining Thrift Share Monday

                        I almost jump with joy for this one. It has a tag for $44.00 and got if for $3.99
                                   This one is the same brand from the blouse above cost $ 2.99

                                                     Gotcha! A mustard shirt for $3.99 whoooo

                                        Been looking for a stripe blouse and found one for $3.99

                                                     Love this one an oxblood color purse.

                                             Two belts for $1.99 each, a bracelet $1.99 and a recipe book

                                                         And ELLE jacket for just $9.99

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Animal Print

                                 Trend of the month link up- Animal print and here is my take!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunflowers Centerpiece

This year we are so blessed the birds planted sunflowers for us! ^_^ This is the first time that happened and I am so happy about it. Well the temperature this time is less than 60F and sunflowers don't like gloomy and windy day so they tend to stooped I decided to cut them and make a beautiful centerpiece.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bates Boots

     Today is super busy day for me I went to the mall to meet two of my friends for lunch. After lunch we went shopping for a bit and after that both of my friends went home. I was left alone in the mall so I went around and find a store for men. I was looking for a boots especially for winter. Here in Michigan it would be hunting season soon and that hubby needs a new boots for that. It is so hard to find a boots for him he has a problem with his left foot. So when I told him I was in this store he told me not to buy anything just to get the price and get a picture of it because he wants to fit it which is very understandable. When I got home I showed him the photos and he kind of liking some of the boots but not until he fit it that is when I could tell he really love it. We were at our patio while showing the photos when my brother in law came to our house. He knew what we are talking about and he told us to find Bates boots online. He always goes to this site to buy his boots and for him he likes it. Hubby relies on his brother so now he is looking at it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Something White and Blue

Something white and blue. My very first time to wear white pants, off white shirt and blue jacket ^_^

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Fall is here!

Just like when I see dishes or knick knacks for the house I always told myself not to buy anymore but I end up buying some more. Well the same as the clothing, I told myself not to buy any for fall because I have many sweatshirts, blazers or jackets but I end up buying one or two. But hey, this is one thing that I am proud of I do not buy them in the regular store where you have to pay it for an arm and a leg. I bought them at a thrift store.

This one is so pretty when I saw this at the thrift store I grab it immediately and thought...you will come home with me! It is a Calvin Klein Jeans for sure this will cost around $30 or high but got this for $4.99 hehe

This is BCBG Maxaria and this is very elegant looking jacket, wohoo!

An old navy shirt I know what to put in with this one. 
I get so happy when I get good materials and dresses with less money. Do you also shop to thrift stores?

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Piece of Heaven

When it gets cool here in Michigan our sky gets pretty. I started to watch the sky turns in different color and also watch if our sunset gets extra unique in colors. The other day I catch one..

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