Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gifts For Babies

Babies are adorable they are innocent and they love gifts. Since I arrived here in the US and for more than seven years now, I went to several baby birthday parties. I always have a dilemma on what to buy for a gift. Of course, we like to be different and unique but every time I go to the mall or shops, I cannot find things that suit to my liking. Then with my keen observation, I figure out that for a mom or a baby to like my baby birthday gifts is to put a name of the thing that I give to the baby. With that, they are so happy because it is personalize and I think they appreciate gifts with name.

Back Pain

I am in my mid 40’s and last year I was planting flowers like crazy.  Hubby did not make me a flower garden and so I made my own not the perfect flower garden I want but at least I start with something I am proud. My friends who know that I need more plants for my new flower garden give flowers and some seeds for me to plant. I planted the flowers but the seeds I have to plant it this year. However, the one thing I notice is my back sometimes if I stoop for a long time I have a hard time straightening my back and standing. I told hubby about what I feel when I am in the garden and he told me that I should take a break from time to time but I do not like taking a brake when I am enjoying my flowers and garden. I know many people suffer so much with back pain and I do not like to suffer like them. Hubby told me that there is a laser treatment for back pain and it is not invasive. I told him I have to observe this year if I do experience it again and if I will then I have to think about this procedure.

Can't be this thin

I was browsing the fashion world and as we all know the color of this year is the tangerine, orangey color. I so love this color it feels good aura to me. The color is lovely and alive I hope that it will change the bad news around. But that is not what I am talking on this post, as I have said I was browsing the fashion world and many fashion expert are putting the summer swimwear. And here is the photo that I found out over the internet. I love the bikini and the color but there is no way I can be this thin, lol! I was this thin when I was in  grade school, lol! And that was in the late 70's ^_^ And so for me who is in the mid 40's I would look for a swimwear that has the same color but has more covering hahahaha. What about you are you ready to take this bikini this summer? Or do you have a favorite swimwear that you like. ^_^

Carpet Cleaning

When I wake up this morning and peak outside I was amaze how the fog envelope us I could not see our next-door neighbor. I am very tempted to go outside and take some photos but it is very cold. I notice that the evergreen trees, bird feeders, wind chimes are all covered with ice. I thought of going out but when I heard the news, many cars are in the ditch because of the icy road I decided of staying home. It was when I thought of doing some carpet cleaning our living room carpet looks messy. I remember the other day I was chatting to a friend she had a carpet cleaners durham nc branch called because she need her carpet to be clean well. The best thing as she told me this company is on time in their schedule, you show them the place you want to be clean and they will evaluate, in other words, they are dependable. How I wish we have like that here in my area too because I need my carpet to be thoroughly clean. 

Red Is My Favorite

I have known many married women who will not talk to their husband about sexy corset lingerie. Well are you smiling because I am smiling right now knowing that I am one of those wives that I can talk to my husband about the things I like to buy? One time hubby and I went to the mall. It is the first time that we went to that mall and I do not know what stores are there. Then we saw this sexy nice good-looking store. I told hubby that we have to go inside and he has to come with me lol! Obligingly he came with me we chuckle and tease each other we had a good time inside the store and I did find very beautiful red lingerie. To make the story short I still have it and I cannot wait to buy another one if the price is right.

Jackson Electric Bass

What kind of music do you like to listen? I love jazz, soft music and mellow songs. Hubby and I love music like those that I just enumerated and oftentimes we go to a jazz bar just to watch and listen to the music of or local artist. The first time hubby and I went for date, we were inside our favorite jazz bar and the artist sing their songs, then I saw hubby was so intent on listening the songs. When the artist took a rest, I tease him and he told me he loves Jackson Electric Bass guitar, which he could tell it, was use by one of our local artist. I told him I wish I have money I would love to surprise him of this kind of guitar because I feel his intent love of music and I bet he likes to learn how to play an electric bass guitar.

Vox Guitars

Growing up I have this interest of playing piano or guitar. However, because we do not have extra money to send me to a music teacher for special tutor I did not push that interest. Until when I join the convent that I found that we are encourage playing any kind of instrument and the best way to learn first is the guitar. I remember the women ahead of us in the formation play vox guitars so well that I dream of playing a guitar someday. Along the way of my formation and because we are encourage to learn I was able to learn how to play the guitar. Then one time I was asking to play the guitar inside a chapel at first, I was very nervous but after the first song, I was doing find and from then on, I practice every day. Now I still practice but not often but I wish to go back to playing the guitar again.

Something Blue

                        For Color, Click and Capture the theme for this week is color BLUE

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


                                                 I love to buy colorful and beautiful garden decoration. These two beautiful decorations I found at our local store I think I will buy these. ^_^ Are they pretty?

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Stripes and Gray

We all know the the known trend this year is stripes and a lot of bold colors. I love colors it makes my day more brighter and gay. 

 When I started to take the photos I noticed the color are all gray! I need to pop out this outfit so I put pink tank top a yellowish necklace and different colors of bracelets. The purse I didn't know it looks the same with my pants a bit of gold in there and my shoes red. If I would like to change this outfit it's the color of my short sweater I could change it to stripe red or blue, hmmmm what you think?

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Car Title

Yesterday we had so much fun the kids at church where I teach is asking many questions. I teach third graders and you do not know what they are thinking unless you go to their level. We were discussing about certain topic that all of them likes to say something.
I remember the first time I came here in the US and got my drivers license I was like a kid. First, I do not like to drive but I have to. I was happy when I saw my name on my driver’s license more so to my car title. I thought it was a dream because in the beginning driving is a big turn off to me then I got my car title and drivers license. I remember a friend of mine who got her first drivers license and car title loans Delaware State where she lives, she is like me who was very happy and excited because she also never thought that she could make it that far.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sky Watch Friday

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.
~ Lewis Carroll

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Letter N

This is my 2011 NATIVITY SCENE

This is my 2010 NATIVITY SCENE
                                  Taken last Halloween 2011 this man is almost NAKED and it was cold!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Skirt

I love this outfit of mine. I love the color too. I bought this bag in the Philippines. The shoes is Guess and I am using Spanx thighs. The blazer is Anne Klein, Yellow blouse from Khols and skirt. Accessories are from the Philippines too. How do I look? 

Fast and Abstinence

Yesterday at church during our Catechism class my 3rd grader class ask me what to fast. I told them what they are supposed to fast like not to spend too much time on playing X-box, ^_^ not spending a lot of time watching tv, and as young as they are they kind of get what it means to fast. Here is the information about fast and abstinence from the black book that was given last Sunday at church.

The regulations on Lenten fast and abstinence are:

** FASTING: On Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, those who are 18 but not yet 59 are allowed only one full meal. Two smaller meats are allowed as needed, but eating solid foods between meals is not permitted.

** ABSTINENCE FROM MEAT: Those who are 14 years of age or older are to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and all the Fridays of Lent.


The church no longer attempts to prescribe Lenten practices in detail. The above regulations simply highlight Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and the other Fridays of Lent. The more fundamental obligation is to make Lent a penitential season, choosing practices that are adapted to one's own needs.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Three Ways To Dress UP!

It's just right to work an outfit in many different ways. My basic outfit here is the blouse, skirt, black tights and blacks shoes. Then I put a long silver accessories had a sunglass then tweed jacket. In another photo I held up my hair took out the long necklace then put on a tan trench. Which one is your favorite?


Friday, February 17, 2012


                                           It's ABC Style Challenge once again. Here is my take for yellow!

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Got to have Red!

I was shopping the other day and found this Anne Klein red jacket. I thought to myself geez Valentines is over but I can wear it anytime right? What makes me smile is this piece is just below $10.00 in price. What a deal huh?

Here is the outfit I like for this week. The trench is Esprit (thrifted/discounted) and so the skirt and the maroon long sleeve top.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Love

What I when I found cheap stuff and is beautiful. I found this at Sears and tell me if you do not like it too. ^_^
                                                                    I got it for $4.99

                                                   Now here it is. Ain't that  a beauty?

                                        I was smiling from ear to ear when I found this it is a steal!

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Letter - M

In my hometown in the Philippines the city officials provided the farmers to bring their products and sell it in the city. The farmers are given the time from 3:00 am - 6:00am to sell their products. Of course people would go and buy their produce because it is way fresh and way cheap compare when you to the market.  On Sunday the farmers are given a place to display their produce for the whole day and it's awesome to buy fruits and vegetables cheap at the same time fresh. This is MY word for Alphabe-Thursday


Here is MY MARIGOLD I've been looking for a white Marigold and found it online.
Cannot wait to plant them again and see my first ever white Marigold.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Color of Love

I had a very beautiful weekend. Last Saturday night four friends of mine celebrated their birthday with a bunch of friends. Since it is February we wore something red. We had a sumptuous dinner at Golden Harvest and by 9:00 pm a limousine came to picked us and off we go to Boogie Fever. Since we arrived at Boogie Fever we didn't dare to set down rather we danced straight for three hours!!! That's how motivated we are to shed those calories we take from our dinner lol!! I choose to wear a pants, with a red shirt which is a bit large for me and a vest. I do not want to show some skin on the dance floor my dance move can already attract attention hahahaha. Except for the shoes everything on my outfit is thrifted and it's all below $10.00, how is that huh!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sky Watch Friday

                                                  A beautiful sunset last week. But I did not get the sunset rather I capture how reddish the sky is and frame it with the trees.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


                              This week letter challenge at Jenny's Matlock Alphabe-Thursday is letter L
                                                     Here are my letter L's for the week.

LIFEGUARD'S / LIFEGUARD chair ^_^ We will see them soon!
My Yellow  Asiatic LILY cannot wait to see them.
My the way this is my LOVING hubby hehe. I LIKE to title this image the LONELY man LIGHTING  a fire. A LADDER LEANING on the tree.
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Letter B

                                                     For the challenge of PicStory it's letter B


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Loving It.

            Our winter here in Michigan feels like spring. The flowers even started to sprout their buds.
                Few weeks ago went to GW and find this pinkish blouse for $3.99 with a tag from
            Target. Shoes is bought from Target for $8.99. Leggings bought at J.Crew for $5.00, the stripes      sweater is from Old Navy.

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