Monday, May 27, 2013

Mr Woodpecker

Ain't this bird so pretty.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pest Control Products

The other day when the temperature go as high as 78F I noticed some flies inside the house. I do not like flies and all other insects. Insects do annoy me all the time and thinking that summer is fast approaching made me think of what I can do about it. Therefore, I look at online about insects, pest products online and found this site I did browse the site immediately and found very good products. They even have products for bed bugs! Can you imagine bed bugs! I cannot imagine myself having bed bugs in our bed I would flip that is how I do not like bugs, insects or anything that crawls but I am thankful I found this site so you must see it too!


I am into blazers lately. Living here in Michigan sometimes you have to be ready on what the weather gives to you for the next hour. Our temperature for three days now plummeted to below 40F that is cold. So when I was in the mall the other day and found this two blazer on sale for $6.00 each I did not hesitate to buy it. there it is my new blazer.

                                                                  The color is green.

                                                             The color of this one is rust

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Industrial Supplies

     My stepson in law just started to have a construction business. He and his wife started the business last two years ago and they are doing great. The other day they were here in our house visiting us and we talked about their business that they said as a new business owner it is tough at first. Getting industrial supplies from different suppliers is stressful for them. Sometimes they have to ask their three sons to help with them because tracking the stuff they ordered is hard. Recently they found in the internet that they could order all what they want in one supplier and that makes their life easier. Do we all like to ease our stress sometimes?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things I Thrifted

I have so many things I bought that I could say I am proud of it. I love good stuff but if it will put a hole in my pocket I would not dare buy it. I shopped from thrift store to a mall but I do look for a good price as well as good stuff. Yesterday I went to the mall and found this beautiful purses for $5.00 each because in the store they had buy one get one free.

                    I am ready to our Memorial weekend getaway this purse is big great for a short vacation.

                                   This one is what I am waiting for. It is classy and the color is bold! I got these purses from Charming Charlie store.
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Love Trees

One thing that I was regretful since I arrived here in the US nine years ago is not planting fruit trees immediately. I love trees most especially fruit trees. Right now we have three peach trees and two cherry trees. I was at the local nursery and found this flowering tree. They are pretty but I like fruit trees more. I am going to plant today two apple trees and two pear trees. Hopefully after two or three years they are going to give me fruits. That would be awesome!!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Something To Have

We all love to hear good music. Every time hubby and I go to a bar or restaurants, I often like to listen to their music. It makes me feel off when the music in a certain restaurant is not good it affects on the mood of each customer I guess. Growing up I remember I used to buy music albums in the store. Then later on I have to know cassette tapes and the rest is history. The music industry has gone so far we all have cd in our car or anywhere. We listen to music anywhere through our phones and every time I see cd is that I like I buy it. In addition, there is some stuff that goes with your cd’s, mp3’s or any media player and it is numark ndx 400 at wwbw. It plays and scratches tunes from your mp3, cd players or USB flash drives it is awesome to have this at home. This stuff would definitely listed as one of my wish list this year.

What Are You Thinking?

Our neighbor said we had frost last night. I do not like frost especially all my fruit trees are blossoming so abundantly this year. I remember last year all my fruit trees are blossoming and so sudden frost hit us. It ended up to have no fruits last year. And that makes me worried this time. If only I could stop from having frost but mother nature has it's own mind and so be it. I was weeding my flower garden and saw a very beautiful composition to take a photo.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Brochure Printing

Did you notice it is very hard to find a printing press this time? I know one family whose business is into printing but they did not survive when recession came to us these past few years. For me one thing that makes the printing press out of business is because almost all households had their own computer and printers now days. However, sometimes we do have some things that we cannot do with our household printer and it is brochure printing most especially if we want a very beautiful one. Therefore, I realize we still need printing press to print for us right?

Your Rights

Do you still feel recession still looming around us? I still hear people applying for bankruptcy and that many are hopeless to find a real job. I was talking to a friend the other day and we shared many things. She lives in North Carolina and her husband was lay off just recently. She is very hopeful that her husband can find a job soon or else they are going to file for bankruptcy. I told her if that is what they can do then go for it. She found a corporate lawyer raleigh nc directory whose practice area highlighted bankruptcy rights. I told her to call it immediately and ask for an appointment because for me it is nice if somebody could help us in legal matters. I just hope that my friend got help immediately.

California Centers

I sometimes like to watch reality TV shows. Sometimes I feel like they are only following a script and being skeptical about it. Sometimes I also feel it is true and that they live a life like what they portray on TV. The other day I was watching about famous people who are in a rehab for different reasons. People are people no matter what the status in the society we fit in we always have problems of our own. In addition, some people cannot cope up of what is going on in their life. Here in the US there are many california treatment centers that any body could try to get information with and that we should be thankful.

The Bridge

                                                  Gardens by the Bay, Bay South, Singapore

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Kitchen Moths

We are almost in the middle of spring and I already see some critters or insects crawling around. My hubby the other day was busy putting something outside our house. I asked him what he is being busy about he told me he put something to get rid of those insects. In our kitchen in summer, I see some moths sometimes and I do not like it. Thankfully, we could buy kitchen moths traps online because if you have a problem about kitchen moths this is the solution of the problem.

Floor Fountain

Have you been to a spa? Every time I visit Philippines, I see to it I pamper myself. It is a beautiful feeling when somebody takes good care of you in one day. I was in this spa and saw there beautiful floor fountains. I am amazed that such beauty could make you relax. When I saw the mirror, I get attracted to it immediately. I can only imagine the floor fountain in our bedroom at home. I look at the in the internet and find floor water features here. If you have planned to renovate or add, nice features in your home consider putting floor fountains.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cherry Blossom

I have two Cherry trees. Hubby and I planted it two years ago. Last year it started to bloom but the late frost kills the blossoms. This time blossoms are back and they are plenty hoping there will be no more late frost.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blue Shoes

The last time I went to DSW was eight weeks ago. But looking back I had a good time looking for a shoes. I was looking for a blue shoes but just could not find a good one. Well when I was at DSW I found this blue minty shoes and I feel in love. I think this is only below $20.00 and I cannot wait to wear this to a wedding next month ^_^

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Carpet Cleaners

I could say spring is here three days in a row we have a beautiful weather. I see flowers in bloom and trees are sprouting blossoms. A friend of mine told me the other day that in her place North Carolina they had rains and that she could not get out easy since she does not know how to drive yet. I told her in due time she will learn but for now she would be a real homemaker. One thing that she is not good in doing is when she does the vacuuming. One time she told her husband to get the service of carpet cleaners holly springs nc where they live. Thankfully, her husband did approve her suggestion and she was a happy camper since then.

server security

I just came back from a five weeks vacation and I found out that hubby’s computer is not functioning well. Before I went for a vacation hubby and I noticed that, his computer is acting up. We know then that his computer is getting a virus. I was worried because having a virus in your computer system is not easy especially I will be the one who is going to fix the problem. Yesterday hubby opened his computer and there it is again the pop ups that I know for sure is created by virus. I hope it is not too late to put Avira Server Security in our computer system. I would be happy then.