Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Gift

I am thinking of what I am going to give to my brother when I get in the Philippines. He likes perfume but I gave him a perfume last year and I want to give something different this year. The one thing that I consider he smokes as well as his wife. I am thinking of giving him butane torch lighter. He will have a good time with this lighter it has a lot of power on it. Just by the thought of how surprise he is going to be when he turn the lighter on is funny. For now, I have to buy one of these lighter for sure; he is going to like it.

Be Safe

This coming March I will be going to the Philippines. My brother told me if I could bring water bottles for camping. I asked him who is going to camp since I know camping are not his sports but he told me the one who is going to camp is my nephew. I told him I could bring water bottles but I told him they have to be careful in drinking water anywhere. I told him I could bring water purification camping stuff, which is easy to carry. He said it would be very helpful since sometimes my nephew will just drink water right anywhere they can find a water which is not safe. Now my nephew is happy he would have the good stuff in his camping.

Envelope Printing

Are you the kind of person who likes to personalize the things that you feel very important to you? Well, I do! From the mug, pens, and notebooks I like to personalized them. I even like to put names in our handkerchief or pillows just to make it feel personalized. That is how I like personalizing stuff and this morning I saw these beautiful envelopes while I was at my friend’s house she told me she ordered it online so when I check the site I found out you could order wholesale envelope printing for your satisfaction. I so love what I saw in there website I should get something for myself too.

The Light

I was browsing my photo folder from last year and see this shot. I have forgotten this one and I thought to myself why not put this photo today.

Peerless Mounts

     Last Christmas hubby gifted me a 60”inches flat screen television. I was so happy I never expected he listened to me every time we passed the aisle where the entire flat screens are located. He did not wrap it but he put a ribbon on the side, which is so cute I screamed when I saw it. When I saw the new television, I did not hesitate to ask him to put it right away so I could watch my favorite shows. The problem is that we do not have a sturdy table or stand or any kind of mounts to hook the television. I look at the internet immediately and found standsandmounts-peerless mounts the best place to look for any size of television. Hubby also looks at it immediately and he did like many things in there. Right now, I am happy watching my movies and shows in a huge screen.

Raymond Weil Watch

I had a good day today. My friends and I went for a good lunch in a Chinese Restaurant after lunch we went shopping. We were inside the mall and we saw this sign a new watch store just opened. We went there right away and saw beautiful watches I like a matte and gloss steel band but could not found one in that store. Because for now I have a crush on raymond weil, women watch. It is very pretty and I could not get rid this watch in my mind. Visit the site and see the photo of what I mean you going to like it too.

Contactless Cards

Do you know how many people had there id stolen? Thankfully, I have not experience that problem but I did not say I am not securing myself from thieves. We all know that thefts now are getting smarter and smarter but it also does not mean we cannot do anything about it. I found a real good one a contactless cards that is very awesome. In a site that I found contactless cards, they had so many things that can keep theft away from stealing our identity. Remember it is our responsibility to protect our self.


Is this a butterfly? Me and my family find this along the road. It looks like this butterfly is injured and when I picked it up it moves. So I let it go after I tool a picture by the way this is a huge butterfly and the wings has a powdery texture on it.


     Hubby has a problem with his left foot. Last year he had a problem walking but because of his work, he has to and it bothers him sometimes that I could tell by the way that he walks. I started browsing the internet what kind of shoes he must wear. Then I found orthaheel at awesome. It is not only the shoes that they sell but also insoles, sandals and many other more. It is like one stop shop for those who are looking for good and comfortable shoes more so if you have a problem with your feet. Now hubby is doing fine and he walks great without any pain. When the hubby is happy, the wife is happy too!

We Care

     You remember the days when we know our neighbors and share food with them. Thankfully, here in my area our neighbors are relatives but what about to those who live in the cities. It seems that people are getting very individualistic they do not reach out anymore. I was searching something here in the internet last night and find this site called triangle direct media. It immediately sparks a curiosity after just reading a little in there site. Moreover, after browsing there site I am appreciating of the good works they do triangle direct media is giving back and making a difference because they care that is awesome!

Spy Gadgets

     The other day one channel showed James Bond movies and I so love his movies. I remember when I was young we all go to the movie to watch it. Therefore, when I learn there will be a James Bond movie marathon I glued myself in front of the television. Spying is one of the games in any James Bond movies and a spy gadgets amazes me all the time. I can see myself putting spy gadgets in our home or inside my car.


Last year this is one of the tulips that I had. I planted several bulbs three years ago but to my surprise the bunnies make it as a buffet lol! I did not pick this one but I  let it bloom right in my backyard. I hope this year many will bloom.

Gold Bars

     One commodity that keeps on going up is gold and having a gold bar is another way of saying I am on top of the world! When I was working in the Philippines, few years ago, I like to buy jewelries and it has to be gold jewelries. Later did I know the price of gold now is going up and it seems like no stopping? The other day hubby and I went to go shopping, I was in this jewelry shop looking, and it amazes me how expensive the gold jewelries are. Nevertheless, for me buying one or two is still an investment and this year I am thinking of having one or two gold bars why not!

Pool Heater

     Spring here not that too far. We are almost at the end of the month of January and I am looking forward to spring. Yesterday my stepson called my hubby and told him to check at their electric pool heater. You see they have an enclose swimming pool and after their electric pool heater quit they do not have the fun of swimming at the pool even if it is snowing outside. I hope hubby could fix it so we can swim again this week.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crowd Barriers

Time flies so quickly we are remembering the memories of 2012 and welcoming the year 2013. Last month was a busy month for me. Every weekend I had parties to attend with friends and on the weekend’s relatives invite us to some shows. One show that I so love am about magic. I did not realize I love magic and it always amaze me how they do such acts. My experience with crowd control barriers is excellent. Hubby and I were waiting for the door to open when people started to gather and some get moody. I think some people do not have the patience to wait and they started to get rude. Thankfully, a security guard came and what helps most is the crown barriers sometimes little things we do not think it helps us fortunately helps us the most.