Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Pond

Inside Singapore Botanic Garden....this pond is beautiful. The lily pads are so huge I am very tempted to at least touch one. But do not have the chance to do it, it looks like it is a no no to get close to the pond.

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Filter The Air

Winter is over and spring is here but it does not mean we should not purify the air inside our house. I dreaded winter because for one reason the air made me have a nosebleed or I cough all the time. I know for sure, when I have these two symptoms the air is not pure. That is why last winter hubby was looking for a portable hepa filtration system online and fortunately he found it. We had a portable humidifier for me I still do get some coughing, itching and nosebleed. Therefore, when hubby heart about portable hepa filtration system he did not hesitate to look at it immediately. So last winter I had fun because I was not sick it is worth to take care of our health than be sorry

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I was in Singapore last week and found some signs there...........

            We went to Orchard Rd., and there is a mall there that inside has many small stores that are selling Filipino stuff.  I just forgot the name of the mall but when I was inside I feel like I am in Manila particularly Baclaran. ^_^

                                       At Marina Bay Sands and I like the garbage container!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Business Card

I have been to many parties and every time I could not bring my business card is very frustrating to me. I found business cards as a must do to carry to anyone who has business. I did say frustrating is because one time I was in this party and lo and behold people are starting passing business card and it was all fun. I did collect many of the business cards but I never give one that is why I find it so hard to accept when sometimes I go out and do not have one to give. I have a friend whose business is into cleaning I told her to order a cleaning business card and leave it to churches, groceries or stores. After she passed many business cards her business flourish and she thank me for what I told her. Sometimes it takes two to tango!


I was thinking of my visit in Singapore last week and I remember I brought two cameras with me. Before I pack them I see to it that the batteries are loaded so I recharge the batteries. The next day we went to a Botanical Garden and inside is beautiful. When I saw the different species of orchids I cannot help but took pictures. At the back of my mind I thought my camera batteries won’t dry out. I was very right I got good pictures and I still have a lot of batteries in my cameras. My friends experienced are different from mine. She was in the middle of taking pictures her camera won’t function because the battery runs out. She was frustrated she cannot help but think of getting a battery when we got from the area. When we get home her friend who now knows our stories told us she always buys batteries for important reasons especially when she can order it at thomasdistributing.com for eneloop batteries. She fined this kind of batteries reliable and affordable too. So she gave batteries to our friend and the next day she never missed a good shot. It is indeed good to be ready at all time.


I went to the Philippines and Singapore last five weeks ago. As I set foot the Singapore soil I see the total difference between the two countries. Singapore is beautiful and I have not seen like this there..

Background Check

Do you know of someone who took a criminal background check on some people and do you think it is a good idea? For me it is a very good idea to get a criminal background check on someone. You see we are not on those days when we know our neighbor or our so called friends a true friend. I have seen shows on TV about how this woman is being deceived by her husband to think that they are married already. It is very scary also to those college students who by there own living in university campuses and starting to have dates. For parents thinking about it is not good that is why I so like parents to check on their daughter’s boyfriend and the son’s too. I am Asian and in my tradition the parents has the right to get a background check to people who come to their son or daughters life. And if the background is nice and good then the parents will tell the daughter or son that their boyfriend or girlfriend has a good background and that they will give their blessings to the young couple. I like my tradition I like to follow it in my household too.

Nike Sunglasses

     Since I came here in the US nine years ago I was not back in the Philippines at the beginning of there summer. I never expected how warm and sunny in there in summer that I almost ready to back here in Michigan as quick as I can. It was just too hot I do not like to go out but when I go out for some errands I never forget my umbrella and my nike sunglasses. A friend of mine told me at the airport that the nike sunglasses that they have now are really good in protecting our eyes from the sun. I do agree of what she said that the next day I set foot in Philippine soil I sweat a lot even it was just six o’clock in the morning and the sun rays it feels like it will burn you. That is why I am glad I brought my sun glasses with me.

The Sunset

     I just got home from a five weeks of vacation in the Philippines and Singapore. For a month I was in my hometown and for four days I and a friend and her daughter went to Singapore for a short vacation. The temperature there is so hot it reaches to 94F!! Every morning as I go for a walk there I see this beautiful sunrise. It always gave me a sense of hope in everything I pray and trust in the Lord too.