Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Rose

                            At Frederick Meijers Sculpture and Garden at there Spring Rose Show

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             At Frederick Meijers Sculpture and Garden Park you can find many beautiful Sculptures one of this is the MALE/FEMALE.

                                                       Jonathan Borofsky (American, born 1942)
                                                        MALE/FEMALE, 2000-2004, Aluminum
        From where we come from we see the Male form as we go around it become a Female so cool!

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                                                                      A PIECE OF HEAVEN
                                                                      RAINDROPS and DAISIES

Tan Skin

     I am lucky my skin is tan. My hubby’s relatives and friends admire my skin color but they did not know I am trying to make my skin a little bit fair or whiter. To those who wanted to have a tan skin they go to a tanning salon. However, how much do you know about tanning like dha tanning? The website that I am reading right now is all about dha tanning. Every one who goes to tanning salon should know about this because we do not want our skin to be not good looking. No one wants there skin to look like a raisin or prune we like our skin to have that natural glow. That is why I recommend to friends to know first what they put on your skin before taking it. There is nothing wrong if you ask we have the right to do that anyway it is our body who is going to be tan not them. So ask and learn before plunging the world of having a good tan skin.

Latest Laptops

Last month I went to visit my family in the Philippines. I had fun bonding with my brother and SIL more so with my nieces and nephew. They were so happy I brought my laptop with me. Every day it is an issue for us who will be the one to use first. Of course, since I have to do blogging I have to use it first and they are very patient enough to wait for there turn sometimes they cannot so they go outside and play which I love them to do it. When it was time for me to go back here in the US my oldest niece, ask me if she can have my laptop. As a loving mama/Aunt to them, I did not hesitate to give it to her. I ask my hubby first if it is okay with him and he was okay of the idea. I told her to take care of it since I did take care of that laptop and it was just two years old. The other day hubby and I were the store looking for latest laptops. From the prices that I see I like what I saw. I do not need a very high tech kind of laptop and I like it lightweight. Right now, I am juggling if I will wait until December to buy it or I will buy it this week. I have to fix my mind and decide fast.

Stay Slim

One-factor women battles a lot is weight loss. It seems that as we grow older the more bulges from everywhere keep popping out. I was in college I thought I was already fat my weight is 95 kilos. After college my lifestyle change I had an office job and it takes me more than eight hours just setting down six days a week. That time I noticed some changes but did not take it seriously. Life has to go on until I reach in my thirties when I notice it is hard to loss weight. I enroll in aerobics I go to gym but the same thing happen nothing has change until I stop doing it. Now that I am in my mid forties, I tried to reach my ideal weight to ensure that when I reach fifty years old I will not have hypertension. It is very rare for women to say that she does not have any problem with weight loss that is why when I found out this site I did not hesitate to check it out. I would love you to check it out too who knows this is the solution to your problem.

No Doubt

     I am for sure doing not have doubts to whom is my father but I do have doubts to some. Why do I care because this kind of issue brings chaos in the family? I know of somebody whose child is not recognize the father denies it for so many reasons but the neighbors could vouch it is his. This kind of issue brings the family apart from each other. I do not understand why he has to deny the child when you see the face of the child and you compare to the father it is as if you are looking to twins. Anyhow, in this generation nothing is impossible there is a home paternity testing where we can test our self at home. I understand that some people is a shame to go to laboratories now this is the time for them to get the package and test it for yourself just to clear the minds and live peacefully.

What Do You Prefer

     Hubby and I been out since this morning and it is too hot! We almost hit 100F and I bet some places reach this temperature today. I was too tired roaming around from one store to another looking for the best deal on flat screen tv stands. I love wood for some reason I do not mind if it is dark color either black or red as long as it is wood. However, hubby likes a TV stands made of glass he says it looks modern. It would be my second choice too anyway we do not have kids for me to worry it might break but it just does not goes with my furniture here in the living room. We discussed many options about why we like the things we like and we ended up going home. Hubby told me we have to sleep about it and tomorrow we are going to decide which one we are going to buy for our flat screen TV. Oh well, I do not mind about sleeping it over my mind is fixed already it would be a wood TV stand. Hahaha!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What to do with old cards

It's summer and this is the time when I have to sort and clean up my closet, nooks and crannies. I found out I have too many old cards. Cards given from Christmas, Birthdays, Thank you's etc I need to get rid of them. So I look in the internet and found many choices. One consideration that you have to do with old cards is to do crafting well I am not that good in crafting. So I pick the best option donating my old cards to St. Jude Ranch For Children

                         To Donate Cards:

* Mail donations to:
           St. Jude's Ranch for Children
           Recycled Card Program
           100 St., Jude's Street
           Boulder City, NV 89005

                         Here are there Card donating tips:

* All types of greetings cards, including Christmas are accepted.
* Only the card front can be used (please check to be sure the backside of the front of the card is clear of any writing, etc.)
* Do not accept Hallmark, Disney or American Greetings cards
* 5"x7" size or smaller is preferred
* To mail large quantities in the least expensive way, use the United States Post Office in a Flat Rate Box (available at the Post Office), which holds up to 70 pounds.

Note: This is not a paid post.

Friday, June 22, 2012

You should know it

     Have you heard about workmans comp. or workmans compensation? I do several times and I ask hubby what it does mean. He said it is a kind of insurance that covers employee’s medical expense or if there is a lost of wages because of injury that happen on the job or suffer a work-related illness. I told hubby this is great to know and every employees has to know about it. I found out that some states have rules and requirements about workmans compensation it is our duty to know it. I like this kind of insurance because it makes the employees mind feel at ease while working in a certain company. I do hope that everybody know about this as I have said it is our responsibility to learn about it.

October is Opal

     Do you know that the birthstone of October is Opal? I do not know it until my nieces were talking about birthstones. Moreover, it is so happen that it is my sister in laws birthstone. I did some searching and I found this Pink Peruvian Opal Beads. They are so pretty I do like the colors and I wanted them to make a necklace, earrings and ring for my sister in law for her birthday. I like pastel colors that is why I immediately got attracted to opals. It does not have just one color but with different shades, that is where I get an idea to make her a nice jewelry. I like to do crafting and making things beautiful and this opal beads are awesome to start with a very good hobby.

My kInd of Jewelry

     When I first meet my boyfriend (now my hubby), he ask me if I like jewelries I told her not much. Well, when we get married he found out that it is not that much I like but it is a lot! I think every woman likes jewelries in any way we prefer. Some loves the high price of jewelry to keep and some do love for fashion like every day wear. I do love both jewelries to keep and jewelries for daily wear. However, I do not buy for just nothing I also see to it that the money is spent is worth it like bajulimports pandora jewelry.  It has a style that I like it is not too old fashion or too young looking just my kind of jewelry.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Windmill meet the Sky

" Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing wonder and awe -- the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me. " - Immanuel Kant

                            " If you cannot explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. " 
                                                                  - Albert Einstein

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Monday, June 18, 2012


                                            I did some shopping last Friday and I did find a good deal.

 First of is this red jacket. It's petite L a bit big on my arms but I can adjust it. This is from Ralph Lauren!

 When I see this blouse I say it is cute when I look at the brand I had a smile on my face! From AK Anne Klein!

  I have not known this brand until I saw it. I did not know that once a upon a time Sarah Jessica Parker had a line of clothing called Bitten. When I fit it I love the fitting of it the way it shapes my back and waist is awesome. I have several jacket but this one is my favorite it made me look slender. The bad news is Bitten does not  exist anymore S. Jessica Parker stopped her line of clothing for another clothing line, sad!

 Love this too awesome fitting. And the bran it;s BCBGMAAZRIA.

Went home with a smile I had a very good deal that day. Going to find for more flimsy, flowery blouse this week. ^_^

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Luna Guitars

It is a beautiful Saturday morning and every body seems out of bed today I guess because the weather is decent here in Michigan. Every Saturday we meet in this restaurant for family brunch time where we can see and meet our relatives. We were still at the restaurant when this bunch of kids came in with there Luna Guitars. One person on the other table told them if they could play music and they did! They play very beautifully I cannot help but get envious because I already started to play guitar but for some reason I stopped playing it. I told hubby if I can practice it again but I need a new guitar and he said I could. However, if it is to when I do not know I remember it’s been like eight years that I have not practice playing guitar for some reason you cannot forget where to put your fingers on the string but still I need to do more practice. Hope to practice soon!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


When I was in grade school I remember when a woman wearing all white with a white cap she is going to give us an injection. Some of my classmates will run home and never come back in the afternoon. I cannot remember if I run back, home but I do remember I get scared. When the school nurse visit every room it is the time for immunization and it happen every year. Now I noticed the nurse or those people who work in the hospitals or clinic they do not wear all white. Instead, they wear colorful top and pants, which for me is not very traumatic looking. My hubby’s niece graduated nursing last December and I happen to notice her uniform so I ask her where she bought it. She told me in my nursing uniforms website she found cheap but very good quality uniforms and she like the fitting too. I check on it and I agree it is beautiful it is worth a visit to those who are planning to buy a new uniform this colorful.

How much you care

We all love our grandparents and parents no question about that. Nevertheless, do we care for all there needs? When my mother got ill and she is already old, I took care of her. I see to it that when she is sleeping she is comfortable at the same time she will not fall from bed in the middle of the night. Therefore, what I did I take big pillows to make divisions on her bed. One time a cousin visited us and told me there is a bed rails for seniors. I was so glad that cousin of mine told me about the bed rails because after we had it both of us had a very good night sleep. Oftentimes we have to walk more miles to take care to our seniors because they love at us first before we love them.

Paternity Test

I was watching this show on TV this afternoon and I was laughing because the woman or mother could not pin point who is the real father of her child. I was surprise and at the same time laughing why a woman cannot figure it out! To make the story short the host made a decision that they would do a paternity test for the child to determine whom the father is. Every one was so curious who is going to be the father of the child since there are three men the woman point out to be the father. The result came and to my surprise, no one in those men is the father. I was laughing and laughing because even the woman is surprise too. Paternity test is to determine the biological father of a child. If the test is perform correctly in an experience laboratory, it is a great proof and nobody could ever question it.

Visiting Relatives

When I was in the Philippines last month I had a chance to attend our reunion. I meet many of my relatives that I have not meet for years. I even do not know the younger generation since it was my first time to attend. Here's the picture my SIL took...

The Big C

Have you had any relative or friends who died of cancer? We have several relatives that died of cancer and one that is very close to us is my husband’s daughter. Everywhere we heard someone died of cancer but who really know what cancer all about is. One cancer that I always happen to watch on TV is Mesothelioma cancer. I get curious when I happen to know that this specific cancer you can acquire this from asbestos. I heard about asbestos since I was young but never put in mind that eventually it will create people sickness. What I like to encourage to people is to read more article in this matter because for me knowledge to everything is important.

Diet for Psoriasis

Have you seen a man or a woman having Psoriasis?  I do and just the look of it makes you not to look at it again. My stepson has it and it is bad. We told him to clean it up every day and avoid dirt around him but still his Psoriasis is still there. Today I found out that there is a certain diet for psoriasis I have never heard of this. I check on it immediately and for me it is hard to follow but if you have this kind of skin problem I would not hesitate to follow this diet. I would for sure tell my stepson about this and hoping that it will help his skin problem.

Philippines Sky

Here are some of my Philippine sky taken the time I left Manila going to my hometown. I took this photo just the plane took off. I know this mountain is right in Luzon but do not know the name the sky is hazy and I am behind a plane window when I took this photo.

My brother showed me the new road. I like the view it is facing Lanao Del Norte province and is close to Panguil Bay. I saw people started to hand out in this area which I don't blame them the air is fresh and the scenery is relaxing.

The first thing that I check when I arrived home are my flowers. My rose are blooming beautifully and immediately I took a photo shoot and I forget my the jetlag I cannot miss this beauty.

       I have learned that making a living is not the same thing  as          making a life.   by: Maya Angelou

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


                                              I like to think I had worn a neon outfit and here it is.

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Mr Woodypecker

One thing that I like spring and summer is to see my birds. I never thought in my entire life that I would shop for my birds. Bird cages and food is what I am over gaga for now since I read a book about birds. I so wish I could do magic...I would love to make a place for them in an instant but I guess that would not happen. So for now I am slowly planting more fruit trees and more flowers. This time I spotted Mr. Woodypecker and I think he has a good photo shoot this time.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Red Tulips

One flower that I so love is Tulips. And the last time I went to Holland, Michigan I am amazed of how many colors and shapes and form Tulips has. One that I so love to take photos is the red tulips.

                                                                          Love it?

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Philippine Sky

I am officially back from a month vacation in the Philippines. Love the quality time I spent with my family and siblings. I usually do not let them come with me in Manila when I get back to the USA because I know it would be very hard for me I would definitely burst to tears and do not like that to happen but I did it when I was inside the plane hahahaha! So I calm down myself and just enjoy the scenery taking photos on the Philippine sky....

 Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated. Lamartine

          How you get so fly? From not being afraid to fall out the sky. - Jay-Z
When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching -- they are your family.   - Jim Butcher

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White Dress

I bought this white dress or blouse in the Philippines. It's a lace and I know that this summer white is in. I would love to try this with metallic wedge and a native brown necklace...well see if the outfit that I am envisioning work out on me. ^_^ Oh and this is only around $8.00 ^_^

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Know your Annuity

Who does not love to receive extra money from time to time? Especially when that money comes from the money, we had invested. Hubby and I were talking about investing but lately we do not know what commodities to invest and how to invest. With only two questions in mind hubby and I already have qualms if we have to invest at this point. We talk one of his sons the other say and luckily he knew a highest annuity rates that all investors likes to know. For now, we are looking at it and it looks like hubby is already ready to plunge in the world of investors. Crossing my fingers, I hope we are going to make it this time.