Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Do You Prefer

     Hubby and I been out since this morning and it is too hot! We almost hit 100F and I bet some places reach this temperature today. I was too tired roaming around from one store to another looking for the best deal on flat screen tv stands. I love wood for some reason I do not mind if it is dark color either black or red as long as it is wood. However, hubby likes a TV stands made of glass he says it looks modern. It would be my second choice too anyway we do not have kids for me to worry it might break but it just does not goes with my furniture here in the living room. We discussed many options about why we like the things we like and we ended up going home. Hubby told me we have to sleep about it and tomorrow we are going to decide which one we are going to buy for our flat screen TV. Oh well, I do not mind about sleeping it over my mind is fixed already it would be a wood TV stand. Hahaha!

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