Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ABC Wednesday

                                You have not wasted your time; you have helped to save the world. We are buffoons, but very desperate men at war with a vast conspiracy. G.K. Chesterton

                                                             Wondrous time in summer

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I cup

One more week and the kids will be out in school. I wanted to do my shopping done before my nieces and nephew visits me or else I will not be able to be done with my shopping. Today, hubby and I went to his Aunt and she happily told us that his son found a new job, which he likes very much. We were happy too that after he graduated his college education he landed to a new job. He is a very good kid and he deserves to have a good life and a good job. His mother told us before the company hired him they had many prerequisite especially about drugs. He took a drug screening using i cup and he told us he is amazes of how it detects if you are abusing drugs. For me a very cool idea people would not undergo any pricking just to know if a person is abusing drugs. For me I would recommend this to people who are in a way abusing drugs in there life and if they want to know if those drugs are still in there system this I cup they had to try.

Advent Wreath

          We are almost done with our first week of Advent. Do you have an Advent wreath at home? Here is my I like to show off. ^_^

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I do the printing

     I have been browsing in the internet for something to give to my friends. I have been to many sites but still it is very hard to figure out what to give to them. I thought of giving them a cookies or cakes sometimes I thought of giving them just a gift card. However, lately I have been thinking of making homemade gift as a token to my friends but I also thought of making it really pretty. A friend of mine told me to look at web print solutions for my labels. I need labels for my homemade stuff and I have been searching high and lo in the internet that could provide a great printing job. Thankfully, I found one and it helps to ask to friends because they seem to know a lot.

Rubber Grommets

     Does anybody feel the pulse of holiday season? Hubby and I went to the mall today at first we walk around the mall after one round I started to look each store for good deals. I am very thankful hubby has all the patience for me. Then as we had our last walk around the mall he told me we had to go to another store because he is been looking for a rubber grommets. He forgot that his brother called him as we were heading to the mall to look for rubber grommets and it is been four hours since he called. I am thankful that my husband knows all these things or else every repair or work in our shop we have to hire somebody. Because he know most of the work we save a lot of money.

Pink Flower

 A friend of mine gave these flower to me last year. These year it blooms so much that I thought of dividing this next year for more beauty in my garden. I forgot the name of these flower but it is very pretty in pink right?

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