Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rent a Van

I remember hubby always commented how a person or a family could move from state to state without having a problem or hassle in between.  I also wonder it and I thought it is hard for a family to move without a problem especially to a mother who had kids and whose house full of stuff. I just could not fathom the idea they manage to do it. Three years ago our Aunt moved to Florida after our Uncle passed away but before she moved to Florida she transferred to an apartment leaving their house on sale. Moving to an apartment after her husband died is very hurting to her especially she had to leave most of her stuff to a public storage and being married for 65 years they had so many sentimental stuff that defines their happy marriage.  It took us the whole relatives to help her sort and pack the things she need to come to the apartment and those that has to leave in the storage. When she moved to Florida we have to help her again sort her stuff since she only hires a moving truck so small she can’t bring all her stuff with her.

That is when hubby and I realized that moving is no fun at all. It takes a lot of time and manual labor to pack and sort the stuff.  She did not ride with the moving truck in going to Florida instead she rent a van and with her is our cousin who volunteer to go with her. Good thing that in this time we can find movers or moving truck to asses us in this time of hardship because I could not think how to do it alone more so leaving the family and relatives behind with you. Moving to another state or another town is not fun but if we think positive and relatives are there for us to help the process it makes life easier. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too Hot

I am not complaining but the temperature here in the Philippines is too hot for me. Every day we experience 90F temperature and the scorching hot makes me lazy to do things I like to do. Anyway, since I am here I will just go with the flow but at the back of my mind I like the temperature back in Michigan a bit cold lol!

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Rose

These is a rose. It's been two years that I am visiting Rose Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan and every time I came to see the rose show I am always amaze by it's beauty. In the beginning, I thought roses are hard to take care but I figure it out it is not that bad after all. I have plenty of roses that I planted last year and last year I saw it blooms and I am loving it. This year I thought of buying more roses from the show I cannot wait.

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Monday, March 4, 2013


I am very happy ten more days and I am leaving for Philippines. I can see my family again and I like to bond with my nieces and nephew more this time. They are not getting younger I know when they reach high school they have their set of friends and they do not like to tag along mothers anymore. That is why for now I like to spend time with them. My nephew is going to be in high school and he told me he is going to be a member of the school band. I do like that for him to do this kind of activity I told him I will support him all the way. He asked me the other day about headphone amplifier guitar center. I tell him I have to look for the name and I will see what I am going to do. He had a long list for me to look and maybe I would buy some that I can afford for now. However, I am happy he had an inclination to music.


I cannot wait to see tulips this year. Last year for the second time me and bunch of friends went to visit Holland,Michigan were they have these Tulips Festival every year. I am posting here a photo of their conservatory..