Thursday, August 30, 2012

Violet Hollyhocks

Two years ago I bought four different kinds of Hollyhocks but for some reason they don't grow the next year for me. When my Aunt sold her house and transferred to Florida the person who bought her property cleaned up her property and that means all her flowers and trees are gone! Good thing hubby and I went to visit the place and there it was a violet hollyhocks  trying to survive. So I asked the new owner if I could get the flower and he told me I could get what ever I want. I digged up ms violet hollyhocks and planted it to my flower garden. This year I notice (again) hollyhocks do not grow good in my area but then just this month I saw three of them started to grow and give flowers. Then I observed the plants has different  shades one is light and has white color at the edge and the other one is deep in color and the edge has no white. Really nice to look around my flower garden and admire there beauty.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Loving White Jeans

I have three white jeans now that I am loving each time I wore them. ^_^
It goes with any color and I like how it looks too.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Finds

Hubby and I went shopping last Friday. He need to buy a comfy shoes and he always like to look at the price first then decide if he likes it or not. I told him not to look at the price the most important thing is if the shoes is comfy or not. On the other hand I also went shopping for myself. I went to Charlotte Russ and Forever21. The day before that me and friends went shopping in another mall and bought one from Forever21. Here are my stash last week shopping.

Tried this with my white jeans it is very pretty. for just $10.00 a good outfit for girls day out.

A blouse peplum style. I like it with red pants and a jacket

Pleated skirt from Forever 21 a very good find for me!

A Forever 21 blouse love this too great color.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Garden Phlox Laura

                                      I love this flower I thought of planting more of this next year.
                                                         The name is Garden Phlox Laura.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Something White

 I never wore white pants/jeans before. So many reasons that come up if I see white pants/jeans. One it is easy to get dirty (dirt magnet) and it is a see through garment ,which means any eye sore (panty) line, color is visible to the naked eyes! ^_^ But then I figure out how to conceal the eye sore and so the dirt magnet thing. When I figure it out and start to love it I hunt for jeans and found three in a very good bargain.

Two brands that I found in my trip to SA and never thought these jeans are expensive in the store and I bought it for just below $5.00 each! What a deal huh? My other white jeans is from papaya which is on sale for $10.00.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

What I Found

Last week when hubby and I went to St. Claire for yard sale hunting I spotted this red wagon. I have been looking for this wagon and when I spotted it I almost jump from the car lol! There were two of this red wagon and I only need one so I bought it for $15.00.

Then yesterday I was on my way to a friends birthday party I pass GW. It's been two weeks I have not gone shopping so I stopped. Well I found these...

                                            A door hook which I hang all my necklaces now.

                                                This is pretty cool when I spotted it. I thought of putting a vase inside and put flowers on it.

 My favorite is this blue lantern! I so loving this one I could see what I am going to do this come fall and winter. ^_^

This one is a tin made into like an envelope. I bought it right away because I can make a good use with this too.

               Here is what I did yesterday an example of the things I can do with all my of stash! ^_^

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Straight Out of the Camera

I am very proud to say this is Straight Out of the Camera shot. It took me time to catch Mr. Hummingbird and when i spotted him yesterday I did watch behind my camera like crazy, lol! Until he came once again and I had a good time taking photos of this little guy.

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Friday, August 17, 2012


Too much skin to show? Hubby says it is too short for me. I thought it is not so I took some shots and yes I agree it is too short for me. I am in my 40-ish and  I can't say I will be comfortable wearing this in a party. I would definitely wear something like a leggings or skinny jeans to make it appropriate for the age. What do you think?

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Thursday, August 16, 2012


I bought a box of different seeds last year and put the seeds on the ground after a month it grows and I see different kind of flowers which I do love. Since it was annual I thought I would not see them again so I was planning to get another box this year. Fortunately, many of the flowers came back this year and one of it is Cosmos. Though the only that came back is the pink color but I cannot complain it is very pretty and I love to photo shoot this flower it's just very photogenic ^)^

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Love Music

     What music can do to you? Music can make me feel relax and there are many genres in music right now. Nevertheless, I choose the mellow sound, jazz, oldies, country and inspirational songs. Music can also bring me tears. There are many music out there that my husband commented, “is just noise”. I agree to him for that and I do not listen to that music either. However, it does not mean that I do not like the upbeat kind of music. I do love to dance so I love the 70’s, 80’s old dance music. I remember when I was young we only have one radio then when I was in high school my mother bought a stereo. My parents love music and they love to dance so having a stereo is a big deal for us. The best memories that I can remember is when we are dancing and singing together. Now days there are so many ways to listen and record music just as Sony Recorders it came as portable, others are has case and speakers. If I am in my garden doing some weeding or harvesting my vegetables listening to music is not hard anymore because I have instrument that I could bring in and that makes the work easier.

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Piece of Heaven

 Last Sunday hubby and I went for a ride. We end up in the river where you can see part of Canada. It so happened that the town is having a Shakespeare Festival. It was fun and it is great to see people in there awesome costume and from time to time they do play on stage. After three days of raining last Sunday is an awesome day to stroll around and have fun! Life is good!

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Orchid is blooming

                           A friend gave this orchid to me three years ago and is still blooming until today.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Re Bloom Lilac

When I heard about a re-bloom Lilac I told hubby it is my wish that it is the flower that he is going to give me on mother's day. My wish is granted hubby bought the re-bloom Lilac for me two years ago. Indeed this flower re-blooms after it bloom in spring. After all the Lilacs bloom my Lilac is still blooming even until the early of winter. At night time or early in the morning when I do my walk I always stop to my Lilac and look for blooms and but the already wither flowers. For now it is the favorite hang out of Japanese beetle but thankfully it did not damage the flower or the leaves compare to my hibiscus. Here is my photo of my re-bloom Lilac, you smell it?

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Letter H

                              I am joining Tina this week and the challenge for this week is letter H.

                                                                    American HORSE
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

For Audio

     Do you like to sing?  Back in my native country, you can find people from any occupations who love to sing. Some had real talent and some just cannot get it. I grew up in the city and in the street where we live people would just go karaoke and sing there heart out until in the wee hours in the morning. My mother always complain about it but what we can do we do not want to tell them to stop they are already drunk.
I notice in singing that even if you do not practice a lot but if you have the talent, you can sing well. What more if there is a help to make your voice better like pro tools 9 equipment that make your audio sounds really good and pleasing to hear. I think this equipment is what some singing studio does have because when a singer comes out with there song it sounds good and it does help a lot.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Magic Show

 These week one of the three miniature roses that I planted last month bloom these week. Here is the name...and the photos.

                                                        Here is my wedding ring size 6

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Pattern Mixing

I have never done this before but I figure out if I mixed patterns in my outfit it has to have at least same color. So here is my take.

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