Monday, June 18, 2012


                                            I did some shopping last Friday and I did find a good deal.

 First of is this red jacket. It's petite L a bit big on my arms but I can adjust it. This is from Ralph Lauren!

 When I see this blouse I say it is cute when I look at the brand I had a smile on my face! From AK Anne Klein!

  I have not known this brand until I saw it. I did not know that once a upon a time Sarah Jessica Parker had a line of clothing called Bitten. When I fit it I love the fitting of it the way it shapes my back and waist is awesome. I have several jacket but this one is my favorite it made me look slender. The bad news is Bitten does not  exist anymore S. Jessica Parker stopped her line of clothing for another clothing line, sad!

 Love this too awesome fitting. And the bran it;s BCBGMAAZRIA.

Went home with a smile I had a very good deal that day. Going to find for more flimsy, flowery blouse this week. ^_^

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