Monday, October 31, 2011

It's very rewarding!

Last week, I was teaching my 3rd graders about the third person of the Holy Trinity which is the Holy Spirit. We have a lesson plan to follow and of course I also have to read and study and PRAY of my lesson that day. I gathered all the kids to a room across the church and we are in the middle of discussion when our parish priest Fr. G came and visit us. I told father G. that we are talking about Holy Spirit. And so Fr. G asked the kids about who is the third person of the Holy Trinity...and all of them answered Holy Spirit! Then Fr. G continued to asked them how many persons in one God. And they answered THREE! Father G. , asked them what are says Father, the other kid says Jesus, then the other one says Holy Spirit. Father says Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I was so happy that my kids answered the questions well. It's the most rewarding feeling that I couldn't explained. It feels that in heaven I got a bullseye! Tomorrow, I am going to talk about All Saints and All Souls Day! This would be fun!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Last month me and my friends went for an apple picking I couldn't believe what I saw. Under the apple tree are apples that are ripe and some are rotten. It makes me feel sad looking at it because I knew that in other part of our county, state or countries many are dying for hunger. Dying in hunger for me makes me feel  very guilty because for me there should be no one who will die of hunger. I don't believe that there is a lack of food it is not distributed accordingly.
How many apple orchards here in the USA, I bet if all these apples will be put in one ship it can fed the whole country somewhere in Africa.

Lasko Heater

We had a heater a brand is Lasko. My goodness it is no good I have thrown away two! And one is coming to be thrown away. I am looking forward to a very durable heater since we choose to use electric heater this autumn. I am going shopping tomorrow and hope to find a durable, dependable and not to pricey heater. Crossing my finger!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Context Of Love

This is another blog of mine that would talk about my journey as a catechist here in the US. I have been a catechist in the Philippines since the year 2000 and I continue this calling of mine I would like to share with you the joy of serving the Lord through His people. Aside, from taking notes of my joy as a catechist I would also post some of my fashion and liking with clothes as a wife in her 40's. I have many things to do and say but of course it will take one step at a time. Ciao for now and see you on my second posting. ^_^