Saturday, June 16, 2012

Luna Guitars

It is a beautiful Saturday morning and every body seems out of bed today I guess because the weather is decent here in Michigan. Every Saturday we meet in this restaurant for family brunch time where we can see and meet our relatives. We were still at the restaurant when this bunch of kids came in with there Luna Guitars. One person on the other table told them if they could play music and they did! They play very beautifully I cannot help but get envious because I already started to play guitar but for some reason I stopped playing it. I told hubby if I can practice it again but I need a new guitar and he said I could. However, if it is to when I do not know I remember it’s been like eight years that I have not practice playing guitar for some reason you cannot forget where to put your fingers on the string but still I need to do more practice. Hope to practice soon!

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