Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Heart Macro

                                         They call this Christmas cactus because it blooms in Christmas.
                                              I am lucky mine started to bloom this time of the year.
                                                 But last winter it didn't bloom any not a single one.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012


What city is this? Can you guess?
                 Success comes to those who dares and act!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Letter- S

        Be careful  this is SLIPPERY STAIRS

                                                                      Beautiful SHOWCASE to a well known Hotel

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I love to visit museums and historical places. I feel it is proper to pay a tribute to those people who gave their life for what we have experience now. These photos were taken in Alamo, Texas. I found out by reading the signs like the one below, there was a huge fort there but it was ruin by war. But still some part are still there and that is when I get to see a lot of things that are historical. 

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Along The Fence

                                          Hubby and I visited Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. The day we went there it was raining we did not went walking but stayed in a restaurant that I could take photos of these bridge. The fences are painted in blue and intricately design, just gorgeous!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Peach Blossom

Reaching the sky.

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I like the feel of this skirt it's flowy an easy to manage. 
The jacket is Anne Klein, tops and skirt from Kohls, shoes from Guess and purse Prada. 

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sky Watch Friday

We were at Little Rock, Arkansas when I took this beautiful sunset.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Glittering Flat Shoes

When we were at my hubby's nephews house, his daughter showed us her new flat shoes. I like the color because it is gold and glittering. Girls like glitters right? When I tried it on my feet, I am amazed it is very comfortable and pretty. I am not really fond of flat shoes but this one I so liking it. The next day I went to Payless and look for the glittering flat shoes and on the the display window there it was smiling at me, lol! The good thing is that my size is in the kids size, and so therefore instead of paying $16.99 I payed $12.99 only for me. What a great deal huh? 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Love Photography

I love photography. The first time I got my first dslr two years ago, I was very excited. I took many photos and it did change my passion from cooking to photography. Right now, I am thinking of enrolling a photography course in one prestigious photography school. Somehow I learn that if you have a passion you’ve got to enhance that passion and by doing so the talent or skill that we have will be hone from the professionals and by then the result of the photos that I took will be 100 percent awesome! Just like what I see with Raleigh wedding photographers. They are all so good I am sure they took extra effort to learn and hone there passion and or skills. What about you do you have a passion that needs to be enhanced or honed? It is not too late!

I Scan You

Scanning is the name of the game in this generation. We go to the airport we are being scan. When we purchase something or anything, we scan our debit or credit cards. The cashiers scan the products on what we purchase so I like to call this generation scan you generation. Anyway, it is my first time to hear about bluetooth barcode scanner. What I know about Bluetooth it is a connection between phones right? On the other hand, do I miss something about Bluetooth? Nevertheless, here is what I believe that all new things that come up in this generation are all good. Remember change is good!

I Love This Kitchen

In my hubby's home this is one part of his kitchen I so love. I cannot imagine myself cooking here and just being busy cooking with family. What do you think? Do you like it too?

Acoustic Guitar Songs

Few years ago, I thought to myself how to play a guitar. Every time a friend of mine lend me her guitar I try hard to learn and memorize the chords and to its proper finger position. I think because I want to learn I learn it fast. I am impressing of myself because I did it. This past few years I have not touch a guitar and it feels bad because I wanted to but we do not have a guitar. I think of buying a guitar. However, what brand do I have to buy there are many of them out there. However, here is one catch I can hear any acoustic guitar songs. To do that is to browse in the internet and you can find it all there. It is such an amazing fact, right?

Pool Covers

Spring is here and there is no doubt about it. Then summer will follow as fast as spring does. In Michigan when the temperature gets above 80F, all the pools are ready for everyone to plunge in. Last week before we come here in Texas hubby’s nephew, show us the house that he likes to buy. Actually, he had a house already but his kids wanted a swimming pool. So when he sees this house foreclose and on sale for two years and found out that there is a huge pool he did not think twice he has to have it. When we got there I saw the pool and it was covered with what they call pool safety covers. I cannot imagine so huge a swimming pool but the pool cover, covers it all. For me it is just right to have a pool cover even if it is shallow or deep. As we, all know no kids or there is a kid in our household if we have a pool safety first is the key to have a happy household.

Sky Watch Friday

                             Don’t be discouraged; it is often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock!

Before we left Michigan last week we had this beautiful sunset. Join us here  SKY WATCH FRIDAY

Safety First

Yesterday, hubby and I pick up his brother at the eye clinic. He went to his eye doctor for the first time in long years because his left eye is bothering him. While we were eating after picking him, I ask him what happen to his eye. He told us that when he was younger while working on his car he accidentally turns on the welding machine and his eyes caught that fire from the welding. My hubby was at that time and they both agree that they do not wear to protect their eyes. I told hubby I am going to give him all the welding supplies. Because when we got home to Michigan he is going to work on our patio and it take a lot of welding and I do not want him to hurt his eyes. He does not like the idea but I am set to purchase those supplies and it is final.

Patio Furniture

For three nights, we go to my nephew’s house for dinner. Here in Texas everything is huge. The place is big the house are huge, lol! Anyway, for the three times that we go there for dinner is awesome. The food is good we had for the first day fillet mignon and it was the best beef I have ever eaten. I am not a beefeater but I was hook after eating the best prime beef. For the past three nights we dine out at there, patio and my jaw drop when I see there wrought iron patio furniture. That was the best patio furniture I have even seen I am dreaming I could have it in Michigan. Right now I am preparing for another dining galore at there house and this time the food that is prepared is Fajitas!

Does It Work?

When I was in college, I was so tiny to the tune of 95 lbs. That time I thought I was fat later I know what makes a person fat is not doing anything and eating not the right food. I started gaining weight when I was in my late 20’s then when I was in my 30’s I want to lose those unwanted weight and fats more because its unattractive but to no avail. I tried any kind of pills and teas and even exercise but I do not even shed 1 pound, lol! Anyhow, a friend of mine in the middle of our conversation says something about phytodren. I have not heard of this word before and what it can do. What comes out in our search is sensible enough and for the question if does phytodren really work? I think it does because of its content, which we ourselves do not know, but it is what we need. What you think?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pink Corduroy pants

Here in San Antonio hubby has many relatives. For two nights now we visited one of his nephew and had a very delish dinner. But I am going to post the food photos on my food blog but here I am going to post the house and me wearing peach corduroy pants and reddish Charlotte Russ flat shoes and its all thrift-ed. By the way the last time I remember wearing corduroy pants was when I was in college and that was like 35 years ago lol!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Black and White

Still here in San Antonio, Texas. Last Saturday we visited Alamo and this wall is located on the side which inside is a huge courtyard where these huge Oak tree is located. I only see part of these huge courtyard because it is raining hard.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

A Helping Hand

How many of us heard about Long Beach? If I am going to ask you where Long Beach is located I bet all of you will answer it is in Florida. However, what I like to share here is what we have talked this morning about long beach drug alcohol rehab treatment center. As I have known, at least one or two families have problems with one of the member of the family with alcohol or drugs. In addition, for me this kind of problem is a bummer. I do not like tolerating people whom I know is selfish and will not accept responsibility rather they point it to somebody else. I know of someone who needs many help. His family should decide sooner than later. They should admit to this treatment center or else it would be too late. I am crossing fingers on this problem of my friend because this kind of problem affects the family bad.

Doctors Has Insurance Too

How many of us did not know that doctors also had to pay insurances? My cousin is a doctor and the last time we talk is about his medical financial insurance policy from this site I had plenty of information that I found. I never thought that they have to have this kind of insurance. I thought about it several time and it is just right that they should have this kind of insurance. If we all know that, many people who sue their doctors some are in the right reason some, do not. And it is very ashamed if doctors cannot pay what they are suppose to pay that is why these kind of insurance is a must for this kind of career. Do you think so?

Sight Seeing

Hubby and I are still in San Antonio, Texas. This afternoon we passed the riverwalk and Alamo that tomorrow hubby and I would go there to see around. Downtown San Antonio is so busy I wish it is like that here in Michigan too. I love the old building  and the feel that these place has a lot of history to tell. Have you been here in San Antonio? What places have you visited and do you like it here? So far I love the weather it is not hot and tonight it gets cold and windy. Had to visit some shopping malls too lol! After I get to see the beautiful Alamo and Riverwalk, of course!

Ladies Best Friend

I meet my hubby online. He saw me and he took my email and emailed me right away. I think my beauty that he waited for a week or two weeks for my email blew him away. That time I was already searching for a man who could be my husband. To make the story short we meet after two years of chatting on the internet. Then when he came to visit me for the very first time, he brought with him a diamond ring! That was our engagement ring and I was so happy. I know from the very beginning of time that women loves diamond, right. However, not all diamond is certified diamonds. That is why at coupons are there for men and women who like to give diamonds as presents to their love ones. Do not be fraud or fooled by those people who says their diamonds are the right one search high and low and do your research. With the site that I wrote, here is the best place to look for a real diamond. Nobody could afford to give an unreal diamond right.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Testing Centers

Growing up my parents teach us siblings to be responsible in all we do. My parents instill in us that what ever we do there is always a consequence. So growing up I tried to think of what is the consequences if I do something that is not acceptable to the society and me. Sad to say this did not happen too many of the people. Many did drastic move in there life that they suffer the consequences even to the last breath of their life. For sure, they are very sorry of what they did but what is saddening is that nobody did not help them or give advice to them. One of the most talks about disease before and even now is HIV. It is a disease that many people do not have the right education of how it would be contacted and if you are contacted where to go for help. Nevertheless, there are many myths out there that people know more than the truth. One thing that a person has to go to if he or she is in doubt is to go to oakland hiv tests. It is better to know and prepare than being naïve of what is going on. One thing for sure we should all be responsible.

Sky Watch Friday

This photo was taken last Tuesday a pre-written post for this week SKY WATCH FRIDAY. 
Right now I am here in San Antonio, Texas having a vacation. ^_^

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Gray Dress!

                                       Went to my favorite GW shop and found this gray dress. For awhile I have not wore dress I am very comfortable with pants and jeans. I could not resist not to buy this simple dress because I have seen a gray dress almost like this from a blogger and she pull it out really nice. This dress is from Target just $5.99 what a deal huh. If I have more time I would play this color with more on red color. I read somewhere that gray is really pretty to combine with red.
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Need A Booster?

In this time and age, what is impossible is already possible. Lets see about medical and scientific factors dna is unheard like two decades ago but now it is used so much to provide definite and exact result of determining identity of a certain person. One example is also about male deficiency in their male hormone we can easily buy testosterone supplements though there are many products out there who claim they have the best one but as consumer, we have to read and know which is the best and real.  


It's my first time to wear a poncho and guess what I so love it. It make me warm from a bitter cold wind and it is like a fashion that anyone could love and embrace. I love re-creating fashion and what fits me and make me feel comfortable at the same time chic. The jeggings/thighs is not my number one choice but I like to try how does it look on me. I like more if I wear jeans or pants with a bit of flare. In my age I often time consider what is right and placing to my eyes, ^_^.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Standard Stroller

How many times do you watch celebrities displaying their baby stuff in bright color, and are bought in a place where common or ordinary people cannot afford to shop. I was at my relative’s baby shower party the other week and a cousin of mine gave a standard stroller. When the soon mommy to be unwrapped the gifts the stroller is so pretty and the color is awesome. I think we all love to give baby stuff very colorful and nice but one thing that we have to be careful is how strong and dependable the stuff is because we all want our baby to be safe all the time.

A must to furniture

Today hubby and I went for his eye check up my first time to went with him for eye check up and when we came to the place I am amazed of the building very pretty and huge. We get inside and we are in time for his schedule so I waited at the waiting area. What I notice immediately is the furniture wheels in all their furniture. It is very practical to have those at the bottom on furniture’s because for me who likes to arrange and re-arrange furniture it will take only me to do it. Sometimes if I told hubby not to go anywhere because I am arranging the furniture again he seems like not happy ha-ha because he knew he would lift and push furniture again.

Foggy Day

Foggy day and things in a row
Row of bushes.

                                                                               Row of trees

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