Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blue and Lavender

          What do you expect when two awesome colors collide? It is an explosion of course, right?

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Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have many orchids photos and like roses these flowers are fascinating and pretty unique. Look for yourself what you see?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hubby and I are starting to visit farms. Last weekend we went to Blake Farms for Lavender Festival when we were inside the store...hmmmmm....I could smell the fresh pick fruits, and fresh cook dough nuts. Here are some of the signs that I took a shot.

                                               Since I can't get enough of Lavender here is my bonus photo.
                                                  And this is all for you ladies and gentleman out there. ^_^
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I was at a birthday party last Saturday and I found out this new foot bling bling or foot accessory. I feel in love with it and yes I took this one right away. This is $10.00 and I'd like to see and buy more styles. Here is what it look like.

                          Ain't that so cute. To wear this at the beach or anywhere is a statement.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Arch

                                                                         The Arch
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Material Handling

     Material handling is very important in any construction business. My stepson started his construction business last year and for some reason they had plenty of work. Last winter before the weather gets too cold they had to finish some of there contracts and so my stepson asks his Dad to help for him. My hubby willingly helps him since hubby had a construction business before too. Hubby always talks to his son about certain areas in the business that sometimes you do not think it is also very important like material handling. He told him that material is very important and it cost a lot of money so handling with care for them is necessary. He had to check from time to time if his materials are intact and well maintain because it can also cause danger if nobody is checking on it. Thankfully, his son listens to him and until now, his business is doing well.

Tent For Four

     Summer is camping time and this year summer is quite different we had too many heat wave my relatives love to camp right at the field where we live. We had 10 acres of land, my SIL had 16 acres, and stepson has 10 acres connecting each other. Therefore, it makes a huge field ready for the kids to run around, pick some wild flowers and berries and chase deer’s. One time hubby went to the campground and found them cooking and having fun. I told hubby to stay for the night so they give us the huge tent good for four people. I love a tent that is colorful, durable and affordable that is what I find with Big Agnes Copper Spur UL4 tent. For me a tent should be comfortable and even if we are in the middle of some woods or anywhere, it has to feel like we in the house.

Montecristo Cigars

     When I was young every weekend, my whole family will go watch a movie. I notice at that time in the movie the actors like to smoke I did not know it is cigars I just thought it is an ordinary cigarette. Last February, hubby and I went to visit his relatives in Texas. One-day hubby, some relatives, and I were at his nephew’s house for a dinner. We had a sumptuous dinner and after eating his nephew showed us his collection of montecristo cigars, which of course I have not seen it before. I did not smoke it but I try to touch it and smell the cigars and it does smells well after all. That is why men love it right? ^_^

Where to find Pandora Charms

     As a woman, I love jewelries and no doubt about that. I think I have three of four-jewelry box but it is not enough. I love to buy jewelries and so hubby for me. The other day we were talking about what gift I would love to have this Christmas. I told hubby he knows it already but he cannot figure out which one since I love many things. He asks me directly where to find pandora charms since I do have a Pandora bracelet already. I love Pandora charms they are so cute and collectible. One time I mix and match them depending on the event I attended to and they are so cute.  I told hubby at this time I like to have animal Pandora charms and hope he would find it for me.


I do not know how many orchids are there in the world and each one has it's own unique beauty. This one is so beautiful I like to name it "Cinderella".

This orchid is also beautiful and pretty unique and I like to name this as the "Stepmother and step-sisters" of Cinderella marching in to give her tons of household chores ^_^. What you think? ^_^

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lavender Festival

Last weekend hubby and I went to a Lavender Festival. Though we did not pick lavenders but we went to see booths from different farms. I saw this beautiful lavender painted bike and smitten by it. I want to bring this  bicycle home!

Saw many lavender in pots for sale we ended up buying three pots since I already have three lavenders planted few weeks ago.

Listen to a demonstration on what lavender could do to our body. After the talk we ate lavender brownies and lavender shortbread with lemon lavender tea, yummy!

Saw this cart that says Bulk Lavender $22.00/lb. Hubby thought of buying it but forget to do it. So we have to go to the farm this weekend to buy some.

              I was drawn to this booth. The color is so pretty I love to stay here and look at there stuff!

Can't get enough with lavender. I am hoping my six lavenders that I planted this year will give flowers next year. If that will happen I will be happy!!
Sleep tight!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Red, Yellow and Blue

One place that I like to visit here in Michigan is the Frederick Meijers Gardens and Sculpture Park it's location is in Grand Rapids a two hours drive from my place. They have shows about different flowers and some famous artist often have shows there too. The last time hubby and I went there in there cafeteria the ceiling was decorated so beautifully. I just forget what was the name of the artist who made it and the name but it is very colorful and very unique.

It is very gorgeous right? I think it is made of glass what you think? And remember they are all hung on the ceiling I had to zoom in the camera so I could take a good picture. How they put this up there is amazing and how does the artist made this so intricately woven to each tother so it won't fall. ^_^ Amazing piece of art work.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Piece of Heaven

                             These was taken last May. We went to this resort thinking it was the day for snorkeling and scuba diving. When we were at the resort the management says there is an oncoming tropical storm. It was time wasted but my nieces and nephew did not want not to do something on that day so we went to a swimming pool. The kids enjoyed it but the adults were disappointed. ^_^

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Summer Wedding Outfit

Last Saturday hubby and I went to attend a wedding. Well because it is a wedding you do not want to be left out more so with the outfit right? I googled and look for the right outfit for summer wedding. We did not know it is an outdoor wedding that includes the reception too. Hubby thought the celebration will be held inside a building or church but he was wrong it is in an open pavilion over looking the lake. I told him to wear his best shirt but do not bring the tuxedo but he won't listen to me he did. I was wearing my blue hi-lo maxi dress and if it was inside a building I brought a classy jacket but if it is outside I brought with me a blue cardigan. I was right when we reach the place it's open space and yes it was too hot!!!  But everything turn out right!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

White and Blue

     Can you believe I bought this H&M white blazer for less than 50 cents? Yes you read it right it is so cheap that I had a smile on my face as I put this white blazer in the plastic bag. The blue dress is sleeveless and it has a pattern that I like much. I am thinking of wearing this at church since I try to wear skirt or dress in going to church.What you think is it appropriate?

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Plus Size Wedding Dress

     Hubby and I is going to attend a wedding this afternoon. Thankfully, it is not a garden wedding or else we are like roasted peanut because of the sweltering heat we experience this summer. I choose to wear my maxi hi-lo dress a sheer dress I bought in the Philippines pair with a nude pump shoes. Going to a wedding or any formal party it is hard for me to choose which dress I buy or wear what more if you are a plus size bride. Watching on TV about brides I think it is not anymore a problem now a days because even online you can find a site for plus size wedding dress and mind you they are gorgeous. They said the bride is the most beautiful woman in her day of wedding and I so agree with that!

Speed Up

It is the first weekend of July and everything is busy enjoying the heat of summer. Since I arrived here in Michigan, I think this is my first summer that our temperature always reaches to 100F almost everyday a very hot temperature to the people of Michiganders. What I do when it is too hot outside I stayed inside the house and spend my time surfing in the internet. Sometimes it takes my computer to load something but I later found out to speed up computer at is the best. It is a site worth visiting for especially if you have a problem speeding up your computer check it out!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rose with Q-tips

When I saw this I was shocked! I couldn't believe right away what I saw. My brain tried to get a real answer how a rose could have a q-tips? My hubby saw my reaction, because my eyes get big and I did stare the rose for awhile. A woman saw me too and told me they put q-tips for the petals to open nicely. It was then that my brain slow down hahahahaha I thought roses now could have q-tips!

I remember I took a photo about why they put q-tips and I found it in my archive.
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Look At Me

                                   This was taken last Tulips Festival 2012 here in Holland, Michigan

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