Monday, March 19, 2012

Glittering Flat Shoes

When we were at my hubby's nephews house, his daughter showed us her new flat shoes. I like the color because it is gold and glittering. Girls like glitters right? When I tried it on my feet, I am amazed it is very comfortable and pretty. I am not really fond of flat shoes but this one I so liking it. The next day I went to Payless and look for the glittering flat shoes and on the the display window there it was smiling at me, lol! The good thing is that my size is in the kids size, and so therefore instead of paying $16.99 I payed $12.99 only for me. What a great deal huh? 


  1. I am not a flattie fan either but I do find they can be useful sometimes and they also make good house shoes. These look great and will go with everything.

  2. HAHA You lucky girl! I wish! HAHAHA I love glitter flats.

  3. wow u have tiny cute feet =)

    i also bought a purple flat shoes from Payless, they were on sale too for $12 pretty deal for a pretty cute shoes. =)

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