Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Heart Macro

                                         They call this Christmas cactus because it blooms in Christmas.
                                              I am lucky mine started to bloom this time of the year.
                                                 But last winter it didn't bloom any not a single one.

                                                        Linking to I HEART MACRO


  1. Well, it's looking beautiful now! Seems to have a shiny, waxy look on the outside. Can't wait to see it bloom! Hope you will take more photos! (We tried to grow one once. Aside from when we first brought it home, it never bloomed again!)

  2. We've got a few Christmas cacti around our house too...they never bloom when they're supposed to ;) Your bloom is lovely!!

  3. Wow!
    Beautiful capture!
    I ♥ macro too!

  4. Gorgeous color. I too like these plants. In the desert they bloom in the Spring...AND...winter. So, you're right up there with the green thumb society probably!!!

    HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU is my Monday post. Hope you can find time to pay a visit.

  5. what a beautiful picture! i love macro shots too!


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