Thursday, March 8, 2012

Testing Centers

Growing up my parents teach us siblings to be responsible in all we do. My parents instill in us that what ever we do there is always a consequence. So growing up I tried to think of what is the consequences if I do something that is not acceptable to the society and me. Sad to say this did not happen too many of the people. Many did drastic move in there life that they suffer the consequences even to the last breath of their life. For sure, they are very sorry of what they did but what is saddening is that nobody did not help them or give advice to them. One of the most talks about disease before and even now is HIV. It is a disease that many people do not have the right education of how it would be contacted and if you are contacted where to go for help. Nevertheless, there are many myths out there that people know more than the truth. One thing that a person has to go to if he or she is in doubt is to go to oakland hiv tests. It is better to know and prepare than being naïve of what is going on. One thing for sure we should all be responsible.

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