Friday, March 9, 2012

A Helping Hand

How many of us heard about Long Beach? If I am going to ask you where Long Beach is located I bet all of you will answer it is in Florida. However, what I like to share here is what we have talked this morning about long beach drug alcohol rehab treatment center. As I have known, at least one or two families have problems with one of the member of the family with alcohol or drugs. In addition, for me this kind of problem is a bummer. I do not like tolerating people whom I know is selfish and will not accept responsibility rather they point it to somebody else. I know of someone who needs many help. His family should decide sooner than later. They should admit to this treatment center or else it would be too late. I am crossing fingers on this problem of my friend because this kind of problem affects the family bad.

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  1. Alcoholics can really be hard on a family. Some are more violent then others and they can act belligerent. I hope that they get the help they need.


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