Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pool Covers

Spring is here and there is no doubt about it. Then summer will follow as fast as spring does. In Michigan when the temperature gets above 80F, all the pools are ready for everyone to plunge in. Last week before we come here in Texas hubby’s nephew, show us the house that he likes to buy. Actually, he had a house already but his kids wanted a swimming pool. So when he sees this house foreclose and on sale for two years and found out that there is a huge pool he did not think twice he has to have it. When we got there I saw the pool and it was covered with what they call pool safety covers. I cannot imagine so huge a swimming pool but the pool cover, covers it all. For me it is just right to have a pool cover even if it is shallow or deep. As we, all know no kids or there is a kid in our household if we have a pool safety first is the key to have a happy household.

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