Friday, February 24, 2012

Car Title

Yesterday we had so much fun the kids at church where I teach is asking many questions. I teach third graders and you do not know what they are thinking unless you go to their level. We were discussing about certain topic that all of them likes to say something.
I remember the first time I came here in the US and got my drivers license I was like a kid. First, I do not like to drive but I have to. I was happy when I saw my name on my driver’s license more so to my car title. I thought it was a dream because in the beginning driving is a big turn off to me then I got my car title and drivers license. I remember a friend of mine who got her first drivers license and car title loans Delaware State where she lives, she is like me who was very happy and excited because she also never thought that she could make it that far.


  1. Congratulations on getting your license! May you have many safe driving miles!

  2. haha ... well, im'm still waiting for my driving license :P


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