Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back Pain

I am in my mid 40’s and last year I was planting flowers like crazy.  Hubby did not make me a flower garden and so I made my own not the perfect flower garden I want but at least I start with something I am proud. My friends who know that I need more plants for my new flower garden give flowers and some seeds for me to plant. I planted the flowers but the seeds I have to plant it this year. However, the one thing I notice is my back sometimes if I stoop for a long time I have a hard time straightening my back and standing. I told hubby about what I feel when I am in the garden and he told me that I should take a break from time to time but I do not like taking a brake when I am enjoying my flowers and garden. I know many people suffer so much with back pain and I do not like to suffer like them. Hubby told me that there is a laser treatment for back pain and it is not invasive. I told him I have to observe this year if I do experience it again and if I will then I have to think about this procedure.

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