Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can't be this thin

I was browsing the fashion world and as we all know the color of this year is the tangerine, orangey color. I so love this color it feels good aura to me. The color is lovely and alive I hope that it will change the bad news around. But that is not what I am talking on this post, as I have said I was browsing the fashion world and many fashion expert are putting the summer swimwear. And here is the photo that I found out over the internet. I love the bikini and the color but there is no way I can be this thin, lol! I was this thin when I was in  grade school, lol! And that was in the late 70's ^_^ And so for me who is in the mid 40's I would look for a swimwear that has the same color but has more covering hahahaha. What about you are you ready to take this bikini this summer? Or do you have a favorite swimwear that you like. ^_^

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  1. They are not even sexy to look at - that small girls - their mothers should have told them instead... oh well LOL... I can go on with this. Sure it is a great colour but I guess they aren't in my size - Thanks for sharing


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