Thursday, December 6, 2012

I cup

One more week and the kids will be out in school. I wanted to do my shopping done before my nieces and nephew visits me or else I will not be able to be done with my shopping. Today, hubby and I went to his Aunt and she happily told us that his son found a new job, which he likes very much. We were happy too that after he graduated his college education he landed to a new job. He is a very good kid and he deserves to have a good life and a good job. His mother told us before the company hired him they had many prerequisite especially about drugs. He took a drug screening using i cup and he told us he is amazes of how it detects if you are abusing drugs. For me a very cool idea people would not undergo any pricking just to know if a person is abusing drugs. For me I would recommend this to people who are in a way abusing drugs in there life and if they want to know if those drugs are still in there system this I cup they had to try.

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