Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bates Boots

     Today is super busy day for me I went to the mall to meet two of my friends for lunch. After lunch we went shopping for a bit and after that both of my friends went home. I was left alone in the mall so I went around and find a store for men. I was looking for a boots especially for winter. Here in Michigan it would be hunting season soon and that hubby needs a new boots for that. It is so hard to find a boots for him he has a problem with his left foot. So when I told him I was in this store he told me not to buy anything just to get the price and get a picture of it because he wants to fit it which is very understandable. When I got home I showed him the photos and he kind of liking some of the boots but not until he fit it that is when I could tell he really love it. We were at our patio while showing the photos when my brother in law came to our house. He knew what we are talking about and he told us to find Bates boots online. He always goes to this site to buy his boots and for him he likes it. Hubby relies on his brother so now he is looking at it.

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