Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Summer Wedding Outfit

Last Saturday hubby and I went to attend a wedding. Well because it is a wedding you do not want to be left out more so with the outfit right? I googled and look for the right outfit for summer wedding. We did not know it is an outdoor wedding that includes the reception too. Hubby thought the celebration will be held inside a building or church but he was wrong it is in an open pavilion over looking the lake. I told him to wear his best shirt but do not bring the tuxedo but he won't listen to me he did. I was wearing my blue hi-lo maxi dress and if it was inside a building I brought a classy jacket but if it is outside I brought with me a blue cardigan. I was right when we reach the place it's open space and yes it was too hot!!!  But everything turn out right!


  1. Lovely sheer dress and good thing you thought of two different jackets to take. Thanks for following me. Following you back.

  2. Your dress and cardi was so beautiful. I love the print of the dress.

  3. Summer weddings are hard to dress for but this is a great look! Hope you stayed cool

  4. Your dress and cardigan are so cute!! And WOW on the heels! It's so funny - my post today is about summer soirees! :)

    xo, sam

    *Style of Sam*

  5. I love your outfit and it is cute and best suit for summer! Cool blue jacket :)


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