Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tent For Four

     Summer is camping time and this year summer is quite different we had too many heat wave my relatives love to camp right at the field where we live. We had 10 acres of land, my SIL had 16 acres, and stepson has 10 acres connecting each other. Therefore, it makes a huge field ready for the kids to run around, pick some wild flowers and berries and chase deer’s. One time hubby went to the campground and found them cooking and having fun. I told hubby to stay for the night so they give us the huge tent good for four people. I love a tent that is colorful, durable and affordable that is what I find with Big Agnes Copper Spur UL4 tent. For me a tent should be comfortable and even if we are in the middle of some woods or anywhere, it has to feel like we in the house.

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  1. Tents are far better than they used to be, but I think I'll stick to hotels. I like that nice soft bed and shower in the morning. Mickie :)


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