Thursday, July 19, 2012


I do not know how many orchids are there in the world and each one has it's own unique beauty. This one is so beautiful I like to name it "Cinderella".

This orchid is also beautiful and pretty unique and I like to name this as the "Stepmother and step-sisters" of Cinderella marching in to give her tons of household chores ^_^. What you think? ^_^

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  1. The yellow one is marvelous!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. LOL they're too beautiful to be named after the wicked stepmother & step-sisters.:p
    the top orchid looks like it was dipped in paint---they're nature's gifts.

    Floral Friday

  3. the second orchid is unbelievable....they are all pretty darn incredible....

  4. lovely orchids. I love Cinderella. :-)

  5. Step-Mothers and -Sisters are dancing, that's wonderful!

  6. Gorgeous and unique! Liked the name you gave from them.


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