Monday, September 10, 2012

Things I Thrift-ed

Went to SA the other day looking for something this fall. But in my mind I am looking for making a tea. Usually I am concocting tea for more than what I needed. This time I get the most tea pot I have ever been waiting to find. 

See this corningware tea pot? It is stove top and yes I an make tea from my herbs with this for just two or three cups and I am so loving it. There were two of this displayed on the shelves but the other one looks used and old this one looks new the cover is clean and not dent whatsoever. 

 This three tin cans made me smile. Because I can already imagine what I can do with this. This will be for my herbs this coming fall and winter. At the bottom there are holes ready for planting.

Cruet which I am looking for months. When I spotted these two I grab it immediately and for the price of $4.99 half off discount. ^_^ It is still in the box when I bought  this one never been used. ^_^

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  1. great finds. I haven't gone to SA in a long time.

  2. I used to have a teapot/corning-ware just like yours! Love your bargains.

  3. I remember my mom having the corningware teapot, thanks for the memories:)


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