Tuesday, September 4, 2012


     How is your Labor Day weekend everyone? I was busy this weekend I went to a beach party last Sunday. Monday we had a family reunion then today we attended my husband cousin’s funeral. Today at the funeral home, I meet more relatives from my husband’s side. I have been here in the States for eight years and my husbands relatives keep coming as the years come and go. I never thought how huge is my husband’s family until I started to attend wedding and funeral. ^_^
     At the funeral home I saw these beautiful sconce shelf mounted on the wall. It is very pretty. I do not know if it is right to admire it because it is a funeral home but they look elegant and beautiful. I also noticed some houses that I have been through they make sconces as part of their house decoration and it is great especially at nighttime when every light is turn on. For me to add a lighting like this in our home adds the appeal of the house what do you think?

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