Thursday, September 6, 2012

Orange tiny flower

I found this flower at the bottom of my hibiscus.  I think this is wild but it does look very pretty. The color is deep orange and the flower is so small this is a macro shot. Right now I am looking for the name of this one. Hope anyone out there know the name of this.

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  1. A bright and glowing orange! Gorgeous flower! Wish I knew what it was too!

  2. Just guessing, but judging by the base of the flower, it may be a kind of thistle....but what do I know? I know this is a great shot of an accidental joy...I love how the flowers are yellow-orange and the buds look red!

  3. Very pretty flowers and awesome picture!

    1. Beautiful photo! You should stop by my blog and share it with us on Orange You Glad It's Friday, a new meme featuring photos with a little or a lot of orange. Hope to see you there!


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