Monday, November 7, 2011

My Mondays Photo's

I saw this beautiful little garden at our local garden store and I immediately fall in love with it. I'd like to re-create this in my front yard next year, of course, no pumpkins but the flowers will be inside and some other flowers too. Crossing my fingers I can do it.

                                The color maybe blue but every time I see Ferris wheel like the photo below
                                       I do feel happy like a kid who has this smile all the time, do you?
                                                                    BLUE MONDAY

                   Hubby and I went to visit the Capuchin Retreat House at Washington, Michigan and I love it there. The place is so quite and  it is really a place for a retreat.
                                                                   RUBY RED TUESDAY


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful blue ride.

    Happy Blue Monday, Mary.

  2. Very pretty outdoor post. Just the right touches of blue.

  3. The photo of the retreat house has to be my favorite. It is so pretty. The ferris wheel scares me to death...I do not leave terra firma if I can avoid it. The arrangement at the garden shop is so attractive. Hope you are successful in duplicating it. Do give it a try. Happy Week. Genie

  4. aw, loved those vibrant blooms on the first photo. makes me smile:)

  5. dropping by for MYM, I hope you can also visit my share at and show some love.. see you!!

  6. Wonderful shots.The flowers look great.

  7. hi Kim! thanks for visiting my Ruby Tuesday entry. love all your shots here!


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