Friday, May 18, 2012


With the same dress but different length of necklaces there is already a huge difference of the look. For me I prefer the long necklace my neck is visible and I it make the neckline longer. With the shoes, I prefer the open shoes but since the dress is a bit short it created a longer leg line (is this the right word hehe) With my experimentation I found out that I should not jump to what is fashion out there right away. Rather, I can accentuate outfit here  and there that fits my age and height. It does not mean that with my age and height I cannot wear colorful vibrant outfits it just depends on how and what to mix and match. Fashion is creativity so find your own fashion. By the way, only the shoes here is not thrift-ed. The jacket and dress both are below $15.00!! What you think?



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