Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lacy Skirt

This outfit is 100% thrift-ed. I have feature this blouse on other post and it only cost $5.00 and the skirt which is lace is just a whooping $5.00! What  a good deal for a very beautiful outfit. One thing that I like to know is, if I I will cut the length of the skirt and make the length above the knee. Any suggestion is highly appreciated. ^_^


  1. You look gorgeous in this Kim! That good idea and it will look more prettier in knee visible.
    I agree with u on the deal.

  2. Sorry, i thought u are Kim... only now i checked u r profile! Are u both siblings ? pls let me know Mary :)

    1. No probs Subbu, same me! Just another blog here. Thanks for the visit!


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