Monday, April 30, 2012

Do You Like To Save

Had anyone heard the news the other day that many coupons are not legit? I cannot imagine how many people know the difference if a store coupon or grocery coupon are legit. I talk about this to my cousin and she said just to be careful and better search and know the site from where we get the coupon. Just like many of my relatives, we do couponing. It saves a lot of money most especially if your family is big. These days just the toiletries alone are expensive how much the food now days. Therefore, I gather coupons as many as I can and sometimes we swap which is fun since I do not need a lot. The other day my cousin told me to look free shipping codes. I get excited because I see many coupons in there and the stores I like. I did not hesitate to share it with friends because they also love this kind of codes. The more coupons you have the better and that are what we do with my relatives and it is fun.


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