Sunday, April 15, 2012


Went shopping the other day and I bought colorful jacket. I used to buy black, denim or black jacket but these time I step out from my comfort zone. ^_^ I wore the red jacket yesterday and today at church I love it. With spring is here we need a lot of colors. ^_^


  1. I bought a cute yellow top today at my local Sun Thift store, and it matches perfectly with a navy blue skirt I have with yellow flowers.

    Like your yellow jacket...nice.

  2. Cute jackets and what a great way to add a little color to your wardrobe!

  3. Very nice jackets! Great colors!
    Love the yellow one!

    Happy day****

  4. Ooo these are great jackets Mary! I especially love the pink jean jacket, and can't wait to see it on you! We'll see what the final opinions are but the maxi length is winning out...I was sold on 2 for 1 I can't decide now!!


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