Friday, July 12, 2013


     Do you see sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel? Well, yesterday hubby, I and some of his children and spouses were at our house. We cooked, ate, and chatted for hours. One issue that we talk is about finding a home in Michigan State or in another state. Some states property price is so expensive I told them I am always amuse by how expensive they are and some states do have a cheaper property price. My daughter in law who is a broker says that the housing price now is coming back and is getting high because the inventory is very low. I remember I was in college and in my economics class; we talk about law of supply and demand. What is going on now is definitely the same theory as the teachers have told us years ago. We were joking about relocating somehow I like to live in Kentucky because I have been there thrice and I like it there. My daughter in law told me to check louisville ky real estate and I did this morning. What I see is that they have a house worth less than what I am anticipating for and I am thrilled. I will tell hubby about this when he gets home today I know Louisville is his place of choice in case we like to relocate.

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