Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Arte Povere

As a member of the “Arte Povere” movement where artists turned to the use of non-traditional, natural materials as the basis of their work, trees and vegetation play an important role in Penone’s sculptures and installations. It will Continue to Grow Except at that Point is amongst the most iconic of Penone’s broad and diverse repertoire. Based on actual installations and photographs thereof, it discusses the idea of mankind’s relationship with nature. 
Giuseppe Penone. It Will Continue to Grow Except at that Point, 2004-2010. Bronze, 130.75 x 34.25 x 30.38 inches. Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan. ©Giuseppe Penone. source:meijergardens.org

When I take photos I like to be up close and personal. I can say this is one of my top three of the most "Thinkable Piece of Art" in that Japanese Garden. The tree is black. And the arm is hanging right there so crazy I really am so amazed!

                                                       The Arm!
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