Monday, August 20, 2012

What I Found

Last week when hubby and I went to St. Claire for yard sale hunting I spotted this red wagon. I have been looking for this wagon and when I spotted it I almost jump from the car lol! There were two of this red wagon and I only need one so I bought it for $15.00.

Then yesterday I was on my way to a friends birthday party I pass GW. It's been two weeks I have not gone shopping so I stopped. Well I found these...

                                            A door hook which I hang all my necklaces now.

                                                This is pretty cool when I spotted it. I thought of putting a vase inside and put flowers on it.

 My favorite is this blue lantern! I so loving this one I could see what I am going to do this come fall and winter. ^_^

This one is a tin made into like an envelope. I bought it right away because I can make a good use with this too.

               Here is what I did yesterday an example of the things I can do with all my of stash! ^_^

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