Thursday, August 2, 2012

For Audio

     Do you like to sing?  Back in my native country, you can find people from any occupations who love to sing. Some had real talent and some just cannot get it. I grew up in the city and in the street where we live people would just go karaoke and sing there heart out until in the wee hours in the morning. My mother always complain about it but what we can do we do not want to tell them to stop they are already drunk.
I notice in singing that even if you do not practice a lot but if you have the talent, you can sing well. What more if there is a help to make your voice better like pro tools 9 equipment that make your audio sounds really good and pleasing to hear. I think this equipment is what some singing studio does have because when a singer comes out with there song it sounds good and it does help a lot.


  1. My boyfriend always asks me to sing his favorite songs as he loves my sweet voice… but I find difficult in accepting the truth or not! Lol



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