Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love Music

     What music can do to you? Music can make me feel relax and there are many genres in music right now. Nevertheless, I choose the mellow sound, jazz, oldies, country and inspirational songs. Music can also bring me tears. There are many music out there that my husband commented, “is just noise”. I agree to him for that and I do not listen to that music either. However, it does not mean that I do not like the upbeat kind of music. I do love to dance so I love the 70’s, 80’s old dance music. I remember when I was young we only have one radio then when I was in high school my mother bought a stereo. My parents love music and they love to dance so having a stereo is a big deal for us. The best memories that I can remember is when we are dancing and singing together. Now days there are so many ways to listen and record music just as Sony Recorders it came as portable, others are has case and speakers. If I am in my garden doing some weeding or harvesting my vegetables listening to music is not hard anymore because I have instrument that I could bring in and that makes the work easier.

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