Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to take out candle in the container

 I love candles. I even wanted to learn how to make candles and at the church we made candles last summer and it was easy. Last week I had candles in tins. And immediately I used it and for just a matter of hours it is consumed. The hard part is taking out the candles from the container and usually this is the  dilemma of all candle users. Well it is not a problem anymore, just put the container inside the FREEZER, yes the freezer and let it stays there for hours. I even forget mine for days and the photo below is where my candle seated next to a squid box inside the freezer, lol!  Take out the candle container and  just squeeze, shake a little bit and the candle just  popped out. Like the photo above. Now I know the tricks I will keep all the candle containers that I could find because sooner than later I will be making more candles. ^_^
When the weather keep changing many people got sick too. Orange or any kind of citrus fruits is good in Vitamin C., so stock up with this for you and the whole family will be prevented by any kind of virus out there.

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  1. very orange-y! thanks for the candle tip.

    visiting you back for OT. thanks for visiting my entry. see you around :)

  2. I remember making candles at church camp--we would pour the wax into sand to form the shape. It was fun.

  3. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the candle in the freezer tip. I am going to use that tip this holiday season.

    Glad to see you are getting your Vitamin C. We have been eating oranges like crazy at our house. I don't want anyone to be sick for the holidays and oranges sure do pack a vitamin punch. :-)


  4. Oh yes! My daughter told me about that,. Isn't it amazing?...Christine

  5. very nice tip ate Kim..:)

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  6. wow, orange wax pa talaga. i could use this tip Ms. Kim. We use orange as home remedy for cough

    visiting from OT
    sis and friend , school event

  7. ahahaha, tapad man gyud sa squid box sa freezer manang kim! hahaha. thanks your for the tip! Visiting from Orange Tuesdays.

  8. Love oranges, yum and juicy:)

    Visiting for OT! Hope you can visit me too:)


  9. the candles are so pretty and the fruit is just so sweet. Returning the visit for Orange Tuesdays, thank you for the visit too.


  10. Thanks for joining Orange Tuesdays if you haven't join for the past week due to unavailability of my site now OT is back..and OT 29th edition is still open till Saturday..
    HAppy holiday!


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