Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blue Dishes

                      It pays to asked. I was in this house for a garage sale. And he displayed one set of this blue set and the price is $4.00. Since I am collecting blue dishes my eyes keep looking on the piece. When I paid what I bought from the man I hesitantly asked him how much is the blue dish (though I see the sign $4.00) He told me the $4.00 the whole thing! I said that set? He said, no the whole box!! My eyes popped out...I said where is the box? And he said underneath the table. I know I ran towards the table and grabbed everything lol!! For $4.00 I have all. It pays to asked right? Linking this to TREASURE HUNT THURSDAY


  1. Wow! Good thing you asked...what a deal! I love glad you got such a wonderful deal.

  2. What a deal!!!! My mother and MIL both have sets of blue dishes...I have hinted that one day I hope they will be mine...I love them!!!

  3. Yes, Mary, it DOES pay to ask!
    You got an amazing deal -- plus it was a good deal for the man selling the dishes, as he got what he wanted, too.
    You both win!
    Lovely dishes -- have fun playing with them.
    I have just joined you as a Follower.

  4. Wow! I love bargain hunting and those are so pretty! Thanx for coming to the party!


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