Monday, May 13, 2013

Something To Have

We all love to hear good music. Every time hubby and I go to a bar or restaurants, I often like to listen to their music. It makes me feel off when the music in a certain restaurant is not good it affects on the mood of each customer I guess. Growing up I remember I used to buy music albums in the store. Then later on I have to know cassette tapes and the rest is history. The music industry has gone so far we all have cd in our car or anywhere. We listen to music anywhere through our phones and every time I see cd is that I like I buy it. In addition, there is some stuff that goes with your cd’s, mp3’s or any media player and it is numark ndx 400 at wwbw. It plays and scratches tunes from your mp3, cd players or USB flash drives it is awesome to have this at home. This stuff would definitely listed as one of my wish list this year.

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